Best answer: How long does it take to ship from UK to Zambia?

Sending a parcel to Zambia takes approximately 7 to 14 days for any package to arrive. Parcels from China take longer arriving in Zambia than any other country, UK parcel delivery is 7 days, while those parcels from USA take 2 weeks due to the Arline restrictions and consignment regulations in America.

How long does a parcel take from UK to Zambia?

Delivered within 5 days*

How much does it cost to send a parcel to Zambia from UK?

How much does it cost to send a parcel from the UK to Zambia? You can send a parcel to Zambia for only £33.90 when you book your delivery with us.

How much does it cost to ship to Zambia?

See how low shipping rates from the US can be!

Weight Small Pack Saver 7 – 20 days FedEx Priority 1 – 3 days
1lbs 18.99 USD 84.99 USD
2lbs 31.99 USD 86.99 USD
3lbs 44.99 USD 89.99 USD
4lbs 57.99 USD 107.99 USD
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How long does it take to receive a parcel from UK?

Courier delivery times

When you book a courier delivery with Parcel Monkey, you will be given a number of options which will determine how long it will take for your parcel to be delivered, but most UK courier deliveries will arrive within 1-2 working days, depending on the service you book.

How many days does EMS shipping take?

The average package shipped by EMS: Arrives in major destinations within about 7 days.

How can I send a parcel to Zambia?

Interparcel can guarantee some of the cheapest and fastest delivery services to Zambia. This is thanks to our negotiations with leading courier companies, including UPS, TNT, FedEx and DHL eCommerce. When booking with Interparcel, you can send a parcel to Zambia from as little as $18.25.

How much does it cost to ship to Zimbabwe?

See how low shipping rates from the US can be!

Weight Budget Economy 5 – 10 days FedEx Priority 1 – 3 days
1lbs 31.99 USD 51.99 USD
2lbs 32.99 USD 52.99 USD
3lbs 37.99 USD 56.99 USD
4lbs 45.99 USD 66.99 USD

Does FedEx deliver to Zambia?

FedEx | Express Delivery, Courier & Shipping Services | Zambia.

Does Zambia have Amazon?

You’ll normally have to pay around ZK150 ZMW to have your Amazon purchase shipped to Zambia, and you may have to pay more if you’re buying multiple items or your purchase is heavy or bulky. Most Amazon packages in Zambia will be delivered by ZamPost.

How long does it take to ship goods from China to Zambia?

You can also order we deliver from China – Zambia. Duration its 35-40 days via sea.

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Does Takealot deliver to Zambia?

Not every single item you can purchase from Takealot can be shipped directly to Zambia. … But don’t worry, there’s an incredibly easy solution that’s been discovered to circumvent this and will easily allow you to ship any item from Takealot to Zambia at an incredibly cheap rate.

How long does Royal Mail take to deliver after dispatch?

Delivery. Once your order has been processed, it will be dispatched by the Royal Mail 48 for UK orders and Royal Mail’s Internation Priority for overseas orders. Royal Mail 48 is not a guaranteed service, but delivery is usually in 2 working days.

Why do I have to pay to receive a package?

SOMETIMES, the customer doesn’t put enough postage on the package, and then USPS will charge the customer the difference, OR charge the receiver postage due. Because whoever sent it didn’t put postage on it, or didn’t put enough postage on it. When that happens, if the receiver wants the package, they pay.

How a parcel is delivered?

Parcel carriers usually deliver directly to a location or transfer the packages a few times before final delivery. After you’ve booked your parcel shipment online, we will handle the rest of the shipping process. Packages are usually delivered to both business and residential addresses.

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