Best answer: How much is Samsung J6 in Nigeria now?

The Samsung Galaxy J6 currently sells for between N70,000 and N75,000 in Nigerian stores.

How much is the price of Samsung Galaxy J6?

Samsung Galaxy J6 Price in India

Product Name Price in India
Samsung Galaxy J6 (3GB RAM, 32GB) – Blue ₹ 12,990
Samsung Galaxy J6 (3GB RAM, 32GB) – Black ₹ 13,500
Samsung Galaxy J6 (4GB RAM, 64GB) – Black ₹ 14,990
Samsung Galaxy J6 (4GB RAM, 64GB) – Gold ₹ 14,990

How much is Samsung J6 in slot?

Samsung Galaxy J6 Price and Specifications in Nigeria

Name Samsung Galaxy J6
New Price NGN. 70471/- Aproximately
Release Date Released 2018, May
Specifications 5.6 Display, 3 GB RAM, 32GB/64GB storage, microSD slot, 13MP Camera, 3000 mAh Battery.
Variants 32GB/64GB storage, microSD slot

Is Samsung J6 plus waterproof?

The device comes with a beautiful 6-inch display with a resolution of 720 by 1480 pixels. Samsung Galaxy J6+ is powered by 1.4GHz quad-core processor which is coupled with 4GB of RAM.

Samsung Galaxy j6+ Immersion Test.

Official IP ratings (waterproof ratings) Not found
Water immersion test Failed
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How much is Galaxy J7 in Nigeria?

Samsung Galaxy J7 Duo Price in Nigeria

The Samsung Galaxy J7 Duo currently sells for around N85,000 in Nigerian stores.

How much is Samsung S20 in Nigeria?

Samsung Galaxy S20 price in Nigeria starts at around 350,000 Naira. Price starts at around $675.00 in Europe.

How much is Galaxy J5 in Nigeria?

Pricing and availability

When available, Samsung Galaxy J5 Price in Nigeria is expected to range from N45,000 to N55,000 at launch.

Is the Samsung J6 plus any good?

Samsung Galaxy J6+ does qualify as a decent mid-segment phone, but the performance is disappointing. The display is definitely a big plus and design is quite stylish, but options in this price segment are far too many that deliver decently on all aspects such as camera, performance, design, etc.

Is J6 plus a good phone?

Samsung’s J6 Plus is an entry-level phone for for those with moderate expectations. … However, this does not mean that the cheaper devices suffer from poor quality, and Samsung continues to deliver a decent balance between performance, design, and rigidity even in the low-cost market of budget devices.

How long does Samsung J6 battery last?

Battery life is one of the highlights of the J6 — even though it comes with a 3,000mAh battery, it easily managed to last close to two days with a single charge. With heavy use, the phone will still last from 9am to 9pm, which is impressive for the small size.

How old is the Samsung Galaxy J7?

Samsung Galaxy J7 smartphone was launched in June 2015. The phone comes with a 5.50-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 720×1280 pixels and an aspect ratio of 16:9.

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How much is Samsung j10 in Nigeria?

Galaxy J10 Edge in the market is expected to price $ 500.


Australia 1017 Australian Dollar
Japan 93,352 Japanese Yen
Nigeria 149,287 Nigerian Naira
Philippines 34,260 Philippine Peso
Poland 2868 Polish Zloty
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