Best answer: What goods are contraband in Nigeria?

What items are contraband in Nigeria?

Contraband Goods in Nigeria 2021

  • Air Pistols.
  • Airmail Photographic Printing Paper.
  • All counterfeit/ pirated materials or articles including Base or Counterfeit Coin of any Country.
  • Beads composed of inflammable celluloid or other similar substances.
  • Blank Invoices.

What is not allowed in Nigeria?

Do not carry, use or buy illegal drugs in Nigeria. Travelers should not import alcohol, fruit or vegetables, eggs, cereals, mineral water or soda, jewelry, precious metals and textiles. Leaving the country, it is against the law to export African art and antiques without permission from the Department of Antiquities.

What are the 41 items banned by CBN?

List of 41 items banned by Central Bank of Nigeria for importation

  • Rice.
  • Cement.
  • Margarine.
  • Palm kernel/Palm oil products/vegetable oils.
  • Meat and processed meat products.
  • Vegetables and processed vegetable products.
  • Poultry chicken, eggs, turkey.
  • Private airplanes/jets.

Is Sugar contraband in Nigeria?

The Federal Government has prohibited the importation of refined sugar and its derivatives from the nation’s Free Trade Zones (FTZs). The government announced the ban in a directive from the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment to the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA), Lagos Port Complex, Apapa, Lagos.

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Is Rice contraband in Nigeria?

Is Rice Contraband in Nigeria? The Nigerian government did not outrightly ban the importation of rice, instead, they placed restrictions on its importation so that they can boost its local production. In Nigeria, there is no ban on rice importation, instead, there is some control.

How much cash can you carry legally in Nigeria?

Currency Export regulations:

Foreign currencies: up to USD 5,000. -. Exceeding amounts must be declared upon departure. Non-residents: local currency: up to NGN 5,000.

What can you import to Nigeria?

According to Nigerian Customs Service, the following items can be imported into Nigeria from approved foreign countries:

  • Cars.
  • Processed Petroleum Oils.
  • Electro-medical equipment (e.g. Xrays)
  • Laboratory/pharmaceutical glassware.
  • Motorcycles.
  • Wheat.
  • Medication mixes in dosage.
  • Phone system devices including smartphones.

The legal drinking age in Nigeria is 18, although in practice this is rarely enforced. Note that in parts of northern Nigeria’s Kano state, alcohol is banned.

In the Nigerian traditional and customary law system, marriage is not restricted to just a man and a woman rather a man and many wives and vice versa. … Same couple (the same husband and wife) can marry each other under the traditional/customary law and subsequently marry each other under the law.

Is Used Clothes contraband in Nigeria?

As said earlier, used clothes are listed among contraband products; however, we’ll look into the possibility of you going into the business, since so many people still do. … Meanwhile, there are several merchants on Alibaba & Ebay you can purchase bales of second hand clothes from and have them important to Nigeria.

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What is an example of imported good?

A good can be considered an import if ownership changes even if the good doesn’t cross a border. For example, a Canadian who buys a car in Florida for their winter home. This could be considered an import to Canada from the United States. A good that purchased from a foreign producer.

What are contraband items?

Contraband (from Medieval French contrebande “smuggling”) refers to any item that, relating to its nature, is illegal to be possessed or sold. It is used for goods that by their nature are considered too dangerous or offensive in the eyes of the legislator—termed contraband in se—and forbidden.

What can you not bring through customs?

Prohibited and Restricted Items

  • Absinthe (Alcohol) …
  • Alcoholic Beverages. …
  • Automobiles. …
  • Biologicals. …
  • Ceramic Tableware. …
  • Cultural Artifacts and Cultural Property. …
  • Defense Articles or Items with Military or Proliferation Applications. …
  • Dog and Cat Fur.

Is engine oil contraband in Nigeria?

NigeriaProhibited and Restricted Imports NigeriaProhibited Imports. … Crude vegetable oil is NOT banned from importation. Cane or beet sugar and chemically pure sucrose, in solid form in retail packs.

Does Nigeria import egg?

Imports: In 2019, Nigeria imported $7.73M in Eggs, becoming the 62nd largest importer of Eggs in the world. At the same year, Eggs was the 486th most imported product in Nigeria. Nigeria imports Eggs primarily from: Netherlands ($2.03M), France ($2.01M), United Kingdom ($1.98M), South Africa ($631k), and Spain ($630k).

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