Best answer: What is cocoa used for in Nigeria?

Nigeria cocoa beans are used in the production of chocolate, cocoa butter for the cosmetic industry and cocoa powder to get used as a beverage. … Major states that produce cocoa are Oyo, Ondo, Cross River, Ogun, Ekiti, Delta, Osun and Akwa Ibom.

What is the importance of cocoa to Nigeria?

The importance of Cocoa in Nigeria as a household cash crop and a key agricultural product in Nigeria – particularly the southwest, cannot be underestimated. It is exported to generate foreign exchange and used for local consumption as a major food ingredient for all age groups.

What do we use cocoa for?

Cocoa, highly concentrated powder made from chocolate liquor—a paste prepared from cocoa beans, the fruit of the cacao—and used in beverages and as a flavouring ingredient. Cocoa is the key ingredient in chocolate and chocolate confections.

Where can I sell cocoa in Nigeria?

The list of cocoa bean exporters of bulk and wholesale cocoa beans from Nigeria include:

  • Agro traders Ltd.
  • Crystal Green Ltd.
  • Gbemtan Investment Ltd.
  • Olatunde International Ltd.
  • Agebelere Cocoa Farm.
  • Okon & Sons Integrated Services Ltd.
  • Ose Global Bizness Links Nig. Ltd.
  • Terry Cocoa Merchant.
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Is cocoa a food crop or cash crop?

Cocoa is grown on millions of small (1-2 ha) and medium-sized (4-5 ha), family-run farms worldwide. It is a highly labor-intensive crop. It is an important cash crop providing income to more than 4.5 million families worldwide, yet the families who grow cocoa face challenges.

Which state is the largest producer of cocoa in Nigeria?

Ondo state is the largest producer of cocoa in Nigeria. The state records an output capacity estimated at 77,000 tons per annum.

How much is cocoa price in Nigeria?

Prices of Cocoa in Nigeria Today

As it stands, a tonne of cocoa sells for anything between N700, 000 – N750, 000 depending on the location of purchase.

Why cocoa is bad for you?

But keep in mind that cocoa contains caffeine and related chemicals. Eating large amounts might cause caffeine-related side effects such as nervousness, increased urination, sleeplessness, and a fast heartbeat. Cocoa can cause allergic skin reactions, constipation, and might trigger migraine headaches.

Which cocoa powder is best?

8 Best Cocoa Powders Reviews

  1. Best Overall: HERSHEY’S SPECIAL DARK Baking Cocoa. …
  2. Best Budget Choice: Barry Cocoa Powder.
  3. Best Premium Choice: Divine Cocoa Powder.
  4. Navitas Organics Cacao powder.
  5. Rodelle Gourmet Baking Cocoa. …
  6. Ghirardelli Unsweetened Dutch Process Cocoa. …
  7. Valrhona Pure Cocoa Powder.

What are the benefits of drinking cocoa?

Health benefits of cocoa include decreased inflammation, improved heart and brain health, blood sugar and weight control and healthy teeth and skin. It’s nutritious and easy to add to your diet in creative ways.

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How much is a kilo of cocoa?

In the 2020, the price per kilogram of cocoa was 2.37 U.S. dollars.

World cocoa price from 2008 to 2020 (in U.S. dollars per kilogram)

Characteristic Cocoa price in U.S. dollars per kilogram
2017 2.03
2018 2.29
2019 2.34
2020 2.37

Is cocoa business profitable in Nigeria?

Cocoa is a lucrative business not only in Nigeria, but also in many parts of Africa. Cocoa used to be the major foreign earner in Nigeria. Today the country is lagging behind Ivory Coast and Ghana in cocoa production. There is a high prospect for cocoa business to thrive in the country.

Is cocoa farming profitable in Nigeria?

Cocoa farming in Nigeria is one of the most profitable businesses for entrepreneurs looking to invest in agriculture in Nigeria. … According to the Cocoa Association of Nigeria (CAN), Nigeria ranks fourth behind Cote D’Ivoire, Ghana, and Indonesia.

What is the difference between cacao and cocoa?

While cacao refers to cacao beans that have not been roasted, what is called cocoa is made of beans have been roasted. So, in turn, a product that is labeled cacao is the raw bean and is often packaged as vegan chocolate that has been minimally processed with no additives.

Can cocoa beans grow in Nigeria?

In Nigeria, the cocoa tree is grown from seedlings which are raised in nurseries, when the seedlings reach a height of 3 cm they are transplanted at a distance of 3 to 4 meters. … The major states that produce cocoa are Ondo, Cross River, Ogun, Akwa Ibom, Ekiti, Delta, Osun and Oyo.

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How many times is cocoa harvested in a year?

Harvesting and Processing

Generally, cocoa gives two main crops in a year, i.e. September – January and June to August. Offseason crops may be seen throughout the year especially under irrigated condition. The stage of maturity of the pod is best judged by change of color of pods.

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