Can you learn French in Morocco?

About. Although Arabic and / or Berber are most Moroccan’s native language, French is widely spoken enough to offer French learners an opportunity to learn French while immersing yourself in a truly unique, North African culture. … When it comes to languages though, Morocco is a country of polyglots.

Can you get by with French in Morocco?

The French language is one of the languages spoken in Morocco. The use of French is a colonial legacy of the French protectorate (1912–1956), and French no longer has any officially recognized status in Morocco. … Different figures of French speakers in Morocco are given.

Can you live in Morocco only speaking French?

In Morocco, French is one of the most used languages, next to the official ones standard Arabic and Tamazight. However, these official languages are rarely spoken, and almost everyone speaks the Moroccan Arabic dialect called Darija. … You can live in Morocco without speaking French.

What language should I learn for Morocco?

French is the best because most of the people understand it, in north Morocco the spanish also is common and don’t worry if you speak English because you’ll find people who understand it especially in touristic areas.

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Do they speak French in Marrakech?

In Marrakech itself, a cosmopolitan city, you will find that most people that you encounter can speak French. 5. Re: Is it safe to assume that most people speak French? In the mountains and south the main language is Berber, in the lowlands and main cities it’s Darija.

Is French useful in Morocco?

There are around 6 million Berber speakers in Morocco. French retains a major place in Morocco, as it is taught universally and serves as Morocco’s primary language of commerce and economics, culture, sciences and medicine; it is also widely used in education and government. Morocco is a member of the Francophonie.

Are Moroccans Arabs?

Moroccans are primarily of Arab and Berber (Amazigh) origin, as in other neighbouring countries in Maghreb region. Today, Moroccans are considered a mix of Arab, Berber, and mixed Arab-Berbers or Arabized Berbers, alongside other minority ethnic backgrounds from across the region.

Is Morocco a French colony?

1912 – Morocco becomes a French protectorate under the Treaty of Fez, administered by a French Resident-General. Spain continues to operate its coastal protectorate.

Who colonized Morocco?

The French Protectorate consisted of a majority, about nine-tenths, of Morocco. France controlled the Moroccan land to the south of the Spanish Protectorate. The capital city of the French Protectorate was Rabat (History of Morocco to the Present Day,

Why is Moroccan Arabic so different?

Moroccan Arabic is So Different Than MSA and Other Arabic Dialects. The Arabic dialect in Morocco is called Moroccan Arabic or Moroccan Darija. It has been heavily influenced by the Berber languages (Amazigh) and to a lesser extent by French and Spanish. … Morocco is also a member of the Francophonie.

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Is it better to learn French or Arabic?

French and Arabic both are very good languages and are used widely everywhere. French has more scope than Arabic but is a bit harder to learn. If you learn it’s very good. But since Arabic is easy I would like to say go for learning Arabic.

What are 5 interesting facts about Morocco?

25 Interesting Facts about Morocco

  • Morocco has a wide range of landscapes. …
  • There are more active cell phones than people. …
  • Citrus fruits are some of the country’s major exports. …
  • Muslims make up 99% of the population. …
  • More than 112,000 tonnes of dates are exported annually. …
  • There is a city painted in blue color all over.

Is Morocco French or Spanish?


Kingdom of Morocco المملكة المغربية (Arabic) ⵜⴰⴳⵍⴷⵉⵜ ⵏ ⵍⵎⵖⵔⵉⴱ (Standard Moroccan Tamazight)
Spoken languages Moroccan Arabic Hassaniya Arabic Berber French
Foreign languages English • Spanish
Ethnic groups (2014) 99% Arab-Berber 1% other
Religion 99% Islam (official) 1% other (inc. Christians, Jews, and Baháʼís)

Is Marrakech safe?

But the short answer is, yes, Marrakech is safe. Compared with the United States – for example – you are less likely to be a victim of violent crime and much less likely to be assaulted.

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