Does Deloitte Kenya pay interns?

How much does Deloitte pay interns in Kenya?

How much do Deloitte interns make? 81 Deloitte employees have shared their salaries on Glassdoor.

Deloitte in Nairobi, Kenya Area Salaries.

Job Title Location Salary
Intern salaries – 8 salaries reported Nairobi, Kenya Area KES 20,000/mo

How much do Deloitte interns get?

How much does an Audit Intern make at Deloitte in the United States? Average Deloitte Audit Intern hourly pay in the United States is approximately $28.89, which is 72% above the national average.

Do Deloitte interns get paid?

Unfortunately, the job market in San Mateo, CA is underperforming for Deloitte Tax Intern jobs, so it may be difficult to land a position in this location.

What are Top 10 Highest Paying Cities for Deloitte Tax Intern Jobs.

City San Francisco, CA
Annual Salary $44,661
Monthly Pay $3,722
Weekly Pay $859
Hourly Wage $21.47

How much does Deloitte pay in Kenya?

Deloitte in Nairobi, Kenya Area Salaries

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Job Title Location Salary
Business Analyst salaries – 6 salaries reported Nairobi, Kenya Area KES 93,500/mo
Tax Associate salaries – 3 salaries reported Nairobi, Kenya Area KES 1,200,000/yr
Senior Business Analyst salaries – 2 salaries reported Nairobi, Kenya Area KES 102,500/mo

How many hours a week do Deloitte interns work?

Former Audit Intern at Deloitte (Taiwan)

Expect a lot of work life balance because interns are capped at 40 hours a week. So you have time to hang out with other interns, explore the city, and enjoy social life.

Do interns get paid in Kenya?

How much should an intern be paid? The minimum wage provisions do not apply to interns. They are normally paid a stipend to cater for meals and transport.

What do interns do at Deloitte?

Our internship program offers you the opportunity to work on real business problems and use your unique skills to propose practical solutions. The program is designed to provide you an opportunity to understand and experience what a career in a professional services organization can shape up to be.

Do all Deloitte interns go to Deloitte University?

Deloitte University (DU): In 2011 Deloitte opened its new $300 million training facility located in Westlake, Texas. This is where Deloitte hosts all of its training and seminars for its employees and invited guests. Everybody who interns at Deloitte is invited to go here at least once.

How many interns does Deloitte take?

We hope that our interns take away a valuable, well-rounded work experience that matches what our working professionals do every day. Deloitte hires over 3,000 interns annually, and was recently named to WayUp’s Top 100 Internship Programs, an annual list recognizing the top internship programs in the United States.

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How much do big four interns make?

Most Big Four interns are known to make $30 per hour and up. A former KMPG intern said that, while the in-semester internship was a bear, it provided more hands-on work experience and the ability to make closer connections with current employees.

How much do PwC interns make?

How much does an Intern make at PwC in the United States? Average PwC Intern hourly pay in the United States is approximately $26.69, which is 98% above the national average.

How much do KPMG interns make?

Most interns at KPMG are paid approximately $24 an hour, according to jobs and salary website Glassdoor.

Does Deloitte pay well?

Deloitte pays well, near the top… if not at the top. The people who know enough to stay at Deloitte for just a period are great, they are smart and are using Deloitte for what Deloitte delivers, a large network or smart people.

How much do Deloitte pay?

How much does Deloitte pay per year? The average Deloitte salary ranges from approximately £30,246 per year for an Audit Assistant Associate to £660,000 per year for a Partner. Deloitte employees rate the overall compensation and benefits package 3.6/5 stars.

How much do Deloitte graduates get paid?

How much does a Graduate at Deloitte make? The typical Deloitte Graduate salary is $60,000. Graduate salaries at Deloitte can range from $53,000 – $70,397.

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