Does Nigeria Defence Academy pay school fees?

While many still assume this government defence training school is free, some other claim there are no standard tuition fees paid by students. However, the institution pays steady tuition fees, as announced by the management some few months back.

How much is Nigeria Defence Academy school fees?

NDA School Fees For Freshers 2021/2022 | Other Charges

So judging from both school fees and acceptance fee as seen above, total school fees for NDA undergraduate fresh students is 80,000 Naira, though there are some little charges or levy as the case may be but the above fee is what is required by the Academy.

Is Nigeria Defence Academy school fees free?

However, no matter how appealing this information above looks, it is with sadness I inform you that NDA school fees is absolutely free as the government takes practically care of all payments for the successful students.

Does NDA pay their students?

Cadets at the Nigerian Defence Academy receive monthly stipends for their up-keep. After graduating from the NDA and becoming an officer, they also receive monthly salaries that conform to the Nigeria pay scale. … After gaining admission into the NDA, students (cadets, so to say) begin to receive monthly stipends.

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Is NDA free education?

The free-of-cost coaching facility, NDA Super 100, will be for 100 students of state-run schools willing to join the defence forces. The entrance exam for the programme will be merit-based and all eligible students will be screened before selection, the education department said.

Do NDA students get holidays?

Holidays to Cadets at National Defence Academy

Sundays remain off in the NDA. For official holidays like Holi, Diwali, or New Year only one day is allotted for celebration. The three years at the academy is divided into 6 terms and a month-long term break is awarded after the end each term.

What is NDA salary?

Rs 56,100/ per month (Starting pay in Level 10) On successful completion of the NDA Training, the salary of NDA candidates in the Pay matrix of the officer commissioned will be fixed in the first Cell of Level 10.

How much is Nigeria navy school fees?

NNS-OFFA school fees for freshly admitted students for 2021/2022 academic session is estimated to be between 65,000 to 75,000 Naira. Please note that this is excluding other fees like hostel accommodation fee, acceptance fee and another related levy.

What is the age limit for Nigerian Defence Academy?

Age for the admission into the academy is between 17 years old and 21 years old as at the time of the admission. You must have a height of 1.68 meters and above if you are a male applicant or 1.58 meters if you are a female. You must physically and medically fit with proof and you must have good moral character.

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Which rank is given after NDA in Nigeria?

You are given a rank of cadet when you qualify for NDA… where you are trained for 3 years followed by 1 year of training at INA , IMA, AFA for Navy, Army, Air Force respectively. After passing out of respective academy you get the rank of Sub Lieutenant, Lieutenant, Flying Officer in your respective services.

What is the highest post in NDA?

NDA and CDS are the most sought after defence entrance exams in the country. However, there are differences in the exam pattern, eligibility, salary, ranks, etc.


Rank/Position NDA Officers (in Rupees per month CDS Officers (in Rupees per month)
Major to Colonel 14,000 25,000 (fixed)
Brigadier & above 10,500

Is phone allowed in NDA?

Are mobiles allowed for cadets at NDA? No. As per the rules of National Defence Academy, mobile phones are prohibited. Officers are there on a regular checking and if a cadet is found with a mobile phone, he would directly get 21 restrictions.

Does NDA graduates go to war?

Anyone graduating from the course is a Second Lieutenant and he/she can be deployed to war front immediately after graduation. Aside combatant military men, non-combatant military men are equally trained for the Nigerian Defense Academy Short Service.

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