Frequent question: How much is a bag of ginger in Ghana?

A kilogram of Ginger in Ghana is around $1.80 in Accra and Kumasi, packed and ready for export. The price in GHS currency is 0.310464. The prices of ginger in Ghana per tonne for the years 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 were US$ 1,500.00, US$ 222.22, US$ 342.47 and US$ 169.49 in that order.

Where can I sell ginger in Ghana?

18 Ginger Buyers & Importers in Ghana

  • Sador Ent. We are into Agricultural produces and as well as trades. …
  • Gold Coast Company Limited. Hello, we export both fresh and dried ginger to countries worldwide from Ghana, West Africa. …
  • Doyengh. …
  • Ruthar Cooperatives. …
  • Kepal Group. …
  • Agrisup Ghana. …
  • Yakito Limited. …

What is the price of ginger per kg?

Ginger per kg rs. 110.

Is ginger farming profitable in Ghana?

You can make as much as a 150% profit from ginger. Look at the detailed costs and benefits in ginger production. 150% profit does not come easy. But, no fears.

How many bags of ginger make a ton?

You can get it cheaper if you deal with us. As at today a bag of dried ginger goes for about $120.00 per bag and sells internationally for $240.00 per bag. A ton is 1,000 kg. Therefore if your bag is 40kg you will need 25 of them to make a ton, so you buy 25 bags at $3,000 and sell at $6000 or more internationally.

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Is ginger farming profitable?

“It has been a dream year for the farmers who took up ginger cultivation in Karnataka and elsewhere. Many have been able to make profit of around Rs 10 lakh per acre on an average after deducting the production cost of Rs 5 lakh per acre.

Why ginger is so expensive?

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a global ginger shortage and record prices as demand outstrips supply after hot and dry conditions last year resulted in small yields from Australian paddocks.

How many kilos of ginger do you get per acre?

According to a farmer, about Rs 3.5 lakh will have to invested to cultivate ginger on one acre. All inputs cost have increased significantly. The yield per acre on an average worked out to 300 bags of 60 kg, i.e., 18 tonnes, he said.

How much is ginger per hectare?

Ginger plants should be spaced 25 cm apart in rows that are 30 cm apart. This equates to approximately 100 000 to 120 000 plants per hectare.

How long does it take ginger to grow?

2How long does it take to grow ginger? When you plant a ginger root (which is really a rhizome), it takes about 2-3 years for it to be mature enough to harvest. The older it is, the better the flavour. Sprouting a ginger rhizome for planting takes a few weeks.

How do you start a ginger farm?

Planting. Ginger is propagated by portions of rhizomes known as seed rhizomes. Carefully preserved seed rhizomes are cut into small pieces of 2.5 – 5.0 cm length weighing 20 – 25 g each having one or two good buds. The seed rate varies from region to region and with the method of cultivation adopted.

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How do you grow ginger in Nigeria?

The Planting Process:

Ginger planting should be done late in the dry season, or early wet season as in tropical countries like Nigeria. Each piece of ginger sett is planted 5–10cm below loose soil and 15-20cm apart, with the buds pointing upward.

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