Frequent question: Which is the biggest hospital in Zambia?

The University Teaching Hospital (UTH) formerly Lusaka hospital is the biggest public tertiary hospital in Lusaka, Zambia. It is the largest hospital with 1,655 beds.

Whats the best hospital in Zambia?

Best Hospitals in Zambia

  • Pearl of Health Hospital, Zambia. Contact Details: …
  • Victoria Hospital, Lusaka. Contact details: …
  • Beit Cure Hospital, Lusaka. Contact details: …
  • CFB Medical Centre, Lusaka. …
  • Progress Medical Centre, Kitwe. …
  • Coptic Hospital, Lusaka. …
  • University Teaching Hospital, Lusaka. …
  • Mary Begg Community Clinic, Ndola.

How many hospitals are there in Zambia?

Has over 110 health facilities including hospitals, health centers, health posts, and community-based organizations. Has 11 health training schools, most of which are staffed by Government of Zambia health workers.

What is the difference between General hospital and Central hospital?

Central Hospital

They offer service just like a general hospital but in more advanced level with advanced intensive care. They may be found in same town or city where a central hospital is located. Staffs are similar with that of a general hospital but are mainly the specialist in their various fields.

When was Ndola hospital built?

The department of psychiatry was part of the modern Ndola Central Hospital, a multidis- ciplinary semi-teaching medical institution. The authors were able to open the day hospital, as a pilot project, in 1976.

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What was the first hospital built in Zambia?

The University Teaching Hospital (UTH) formerly Lusaka Hospital begun as a random collection of rondavals situated near the Great East Road Fly-over Bridge. The hospital which was built in 1910 was only meant for sick Africans who were cared for by male orderlies as the hospital did not have doctors or nurses.

How much does a medical doctor earn in Zambia?

A person working in Doctor / Physician in Zambia typically earns around 14,100 ZMK per month. Salaries range from 5,180 ZMK (lowest average) to 23,800 ZMK (highest average, actual maximum salary is higher). This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.

Is healthcare free in Zambia?

The Government of the Republic of Zambia are working towards providing Universal Health Coverage (UHC) so that everyone has access to quality health care without having to face financial hardship. At present, Zambia provides the population with basic health care services free of charge at the primary health care level.

What are the 4 types of hospitals?

Four Hospital Types

  • Acute care community hospitals provide medical and nursing care for medical and surgical conditions.
  • Specialty hospitals include long-term acute care hospitals, and rehabilitation or behavioral health hospitals for care of specific medical conditions.

What are the 5 levels of medical care?

They’re divided into the categories of primary care, secondary care, tertiary care, and quaternary care. Each level is related to the complexity of the medical cases being treated as well as the skills and specialties of the providers.

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What is the symbol of hospital?

Caduceus is a symbol with a short staff entwined by two serpents, sometimes surmounted by wings while the Rod of Asclepius is the one with a single snake. [3] The similarity between both these symbols is the snake.

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