Frequent question: Who is a clearing agent in Nigeria?

The Clearing Agent is an expert documentation company. Thus, the Agent should be involved from the beginning to the end of your importation to avoid costly mistakes. Documents prepared with the assistance of the Customs Clearing Agent include the following: The Proforma invoice: used to obtain Form M in Nigeria.

Who are clearing agents?

clearing agent. noun [ C ] COMMERCE. a person or company that is used for getting goods officially from one country to another: Our clearing agents will deal with all the documentation related to your international freight transport.

What is the role of the clearing agent?

Clearing Agents and Freight Forwarders will assist you with the necessary customs transactions. A Freight Forwarder will arrange for your goods to be transported from one country to another while a Clearing Agent will make sure that your goods are cleared with customs.

Who is custom clearing agent?

Freight Forwarding and Clearing Agent

The agent complies the duty by following on clearing and forwarding aspects of the consignments. In several cases, they may be carried out by the same agent. While a Clearing agent is specifically responsible for the clearance of goods in the export or import.

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How much do clearing agents make in Nigeria?

Salary range for the majority of workers in Clearing and forwarding agents – from ₦22,323.65 to ₦110,984.74 per month – 2021. Clearing and forwarding agents carry out customs clearing procedures and ensure that insurance, export/import licences and other formalities are in order.

Is acetone a clearing agent?

Alcohol is mostly used as a dehydrating agent before de-alcoholization in a clearing agent, other dehydrating agents such as acetone and dioxane (diethylene dioxide) can also be used (An et al., 2001).

What is the difference between freight forwarder and clearing agent?

A freight forwarder has to see to it that the cargo is forwarded as according to the instructions of the client. A clearing agent on the other hand arranges to pass the concerned documents at customs. … A freight forwarder normally is the one who prepares bills of lading and the concerned shipping documentation.

What are the roles of clearing and forwarding agents?

Role of Clearing and Forwarding Agent in Foreign Trade

  • Advising exporters on trade laws.
  • Providing transport and handling cost information.
  • Packing, marking and labeling.
  • Arranging transport.
  • Completing customs and port formalities.
  • Preparing and procuring documents.
  • Educating exporters on developments in transportation.

What is clearing and forwarding agent?

“Clearing and Forwarding Agent” means any person who is engaged in providing any service, either directly or indirectly, connected with the clearing and forwarding operations in any manner to any other person and includes a consignment agent; (Section 65(25) of the Finance Act, 1994)

What is clearing in pathology?

Clearing is an essential step in histopathology processing for light microscopy. The purpose of clearing is to remove dehydrating agents from tissues and to prepare the tissues for impregnation with the embedding agent. Xylene is the clearing agent used most commonly worldwide.

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How can I get custom clearance agent?

The first place to search for U.S. Customs Brokers is on the list of Customs Brokers page on the CBP website. This site lists all Customs Brokers licensed by the CBP and organizes them based on your desired point of entry. You can see all licensed Customs Brokers for a specific port and their contact information.

Is clearing agency a custom?

A clearing agent ensures legal and comfortable passage through border agencies, negotiating with local customs authorities and managing customs inspections. Sometimes a freight forwarder will take charge of the customs clearance aspect of a shipping line, but most of the time, these two positions separate.

How does custom house agent work?

A customs house agent or CHA is responsible to oversee business transactions related to the import and export of goods at the customs station. The agents look after the various stages of entry or departure of any shipment and maintain itemized, updated accounts of the many details related to import and export.

How do I become a clearing agent in Nigeria?


  1. FORM SALE 135.
  2. FORM SALE 158.

Why is xylene a clearing agent?

Xylene is a chemical commonly used in the histology lab as a clearing agent. Clearing agents are used to make the slides easier to read, by making the tissue transparent, or clear. Clearing is a step that occurs during tissue processing, after water has been removed from a tissue.

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How do I start a clearing and forwarding business in Nigeria?

How to Start a Clearing and forwarding Business and Make Money

  1. Make the decision:
  2. Gain the necessary experience:
  3. Identify a niche:
  4. Come up with a business plan:
  5. Get your project funded:
  6. Get the necessary license:
  7. Get a Lawyer or Attorney:
  8. Network with the shipping companies:
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