Frequent question: Who is the present Minister of Defence in Cameroon?

Edgar Alain Mebe Ngo’o
Assumed office 2015
Personal details
Born Mebe Ngo’o Edgar Alain January 22, 1957 Sangmélima, Cameroon, Africa

What is the minister of Defence name?

The Hon Andrew Gee MP

They have four children. Prior to entering politics, Andrew set up a business with his brothers in Hong Kong before practising as a barrister in Orange, NSW in the fields of civil litigation and family law.

What is the name of the new prime minister in Cameroon?

The current Prime Minister of Cameroon is Joseph Ngute, since 4 January 2019.

Who is a CM in India?

In Republic of India, a chief minister is the head of government of each of the twenty-eight states and three of the eight union territories. According to the Constitution of India, at the state-level, the governor is de jure head, but de facto executive authority rests with the chief minister.

Who is the Defence minister now?

Minister of Defence (India)

Minister of Defence Rakshā Mantri
Flag of India
Incumbent Rajnath Singh since 31 May 2019
Ministry of Defence
Style The Honourable

Who is Canada PM?

Who is the current Minister of Basic Education?

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