How can I buy from eBay in Nigeria?

Register on to get a free US warehouse delivery address. Shop and ship from eBay and other USA online stores to Nigeria using US address we assigned you. Make payment on or before Tuesday 3pm or Thursday 3pm, for your items to be shipped out on Wednesday or Friday depending on your choice.

Can I order from eBay in Nigeria?

Many Nigerians want to buy or sell on eBay, but they are hampered due to the restriction eBay places on Nigerians. Despite the restriction, it is still possible to buy and sell on eBay right here in Nigeria.

How do I pay for goods on eBay from Nigeria?

Acceptable Payment Methods

Credit or Debit Card – Give your card details and you can also pay with one. Coupons and Discounts on eBay – You need to be a registered eBay member and have a PayPal account. With a coupon, you can pay for all or part of your purchase.

Does PayPal ship Nigeria?

PayPal is not currently available in Nigeria. A shipping address in Nigeria would either be: requested outside of the transaction (and therefore not Seller Protection eligible)

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How do I order stuff from eBay?

There are two ways to buy on eBay. With Buy It Now, you pay a fixed price and buy the item immediately, or you can bid on an item and try to win it for a lower price in an auction. On some listings you can also make an offer of the price you’d like to pay. Enter your search term to display live search results.

Does Amazon ship to Nigeria?

No, Amazon does not offer free shipping to Nigeria. You’ll normally have to pay around ₦4,000 NGN to have your Amazon purchase shipped to Nigeria, and you may have to pay more if you’re buying multiple items or your purchase is heavy or bulky.

What is MFR Nigeria?

Member of the Order of the Federal Republic (MFR)

How long does it take eBay to deliver to Nigeria?

On completing your registration on our site, you are assigned an automated US delivery address that you can use in shopping on eBay, as well as over 80,000 online stores, this makes it possible for you to shop on eBay and get your items delivered to you here in Nigeria within a matter of 8 business days after you have …

How can I buy from Amazon in Nigeria?

How To Buy On Amazon And Ship To Nigeria

  1. Step 1: Register on You must first have an account with amazon before you are allowed to ship into Nigeria or any other country. …
  2. Step 2: Select items you want to buy. …
  3. Step 3: Choose your preferred payment option. …
  4. Step 4: Wait and track your shipment.
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Is there AliExpress in Nigeria?

Does AliExpress ship to Nigeria? Very well, they do. You can order a product and get it in Nigeria. You simply select a shipping method of your choice.

Can I sell on Amazon from Nigeria?

Unfortunately, in order to sell on Amazon, you need to be a resident in one of the approved countries accepted for Seller Registration. As Nigeria is not an approved country for Seller Registration, you would be unable to sell on Amazon.

Does Gumtree deliver to Nigeria?

Answer: Yes we do provide cargo services from over 20 countries worldwide to Nigeria. We even cargo from U.S.A to Nigeria and from Nigeria to the U.S.A at cheaper rate. Our customers are our greatest asset that is why cargonaija never leave you all to get on with it.

How do I make a payment on eBay?

How to pay with a credit or debit card

  1. Select Credit or debit card on the checkout page, and enter your card details. …
  2. If you’d like us to save the card details for your next purchase, select Remember this card for future orders.
  3. Review your order, including your shipping details.
  4. Select Confirm and pay.

Can eBay track your IP address?

Because eBay cannot see your real IP address, it will not register that you are the same user and will not block you from creating a new account.

Does eBay ship to your door?

You can order USPS shipping supplies and have them delivered right to your door. Or you can go directly to UPS®, FedEx® and USPS® sites for free carrier-branded shipping supplies. Plus, if you have an eBay Store, you can use your quarterly coupon to order eBay branded packaging and stickers.

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Is it safe to buy from eBay?

You can buy safely on eBay. In fact, eBay is safer than someone’s personal website because of the third-party involvement of eBay and Paypal. Always report any offers to buy or sell an item outside of eBay.

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