How do I book a local flight ticket in Nigeria?

Is local flight available in Nigeria?

Certainly, you can buy domestic flights in Nigeria online via Alternative Airlines. … When you have searched for the flights, you will then be shown all available flights from the different airlines and which you can choose the most appropriate airline for yourself!

Do you need passport for local flights in Nigeria?

All passengers on Domestic Flights must present a valid photo identification at physical sales, check-in and boarding gates. All passengers on Regional and International Flights must present a valid International Passport and valid visa (where applicable) at physical sales, check-in and boarding gates.

How much is flight ticket from Lagos to Anambra?

Cost by number of pax.

Pax Currency (USD) Currency (Local)
1 person 112 USD ~ 17,777 NGN
2 people 224 USD ~ 35,554 NGN
3 people 336 USD ~ 53,330 NGN
4 people 448 USD ~ 71,107 NGN

Which local airline is the best in Nigeria?

List of The Top 10 Local Airlines In Nigeria

Local Airlines In Nigeria
#1 Air Peace
#2 Azman Air
#3 Medview Air
#4 Dana Air

What documents are required for local flight?

1. Which documents are required for booking a domestic flight?

  • Valid passport.
  • Election photo identification card.
  • Valid driving license.
  • PAN card issued by the income tax department.
  • Photo identification card by employer.
  • Children should carry school identification card.
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Which app is cheapest for flight booking?

10 Best App For Cheapest Flight Ticket Booking In India

  1. MakeMyTrip. MakeMyTrip is an all in one app which is suitable for hotel and travel booking. …
  2. Cleartrip. Cleartrip is an all in one app which will going to be your travel and hotel booking companion. …
  3. Goibibo. …
  4. Yatra. …
  5. IndiGo. …
  6. EaseMyTrip. …
  7. ixigo. …
  8. Expedia.

How many hours before flight ticket can be booked?

What are the time restrictions of buying a ticket online? Online booking is available for all flights up to 2 hours before scheduled departure time. Online booking is available for any flight, with a scheduled departure up to 330 days in the future.

Can I book two tickets for same person in flight?

Known as the ‘6E Double Seat service‘, this scheme will provide a’ stress-free flying experience to customers’, the budget carrier said. With this service, customers can book two seats for one person.

How much is God is good transport from Lagos to Owerri?

God is Good Motor ( Routes and Price list 2019

Lagos (Jibowu) – Delta (Warri) ₦7,150
Lagos (Jibowu) – Imo (Owerri) ₦10,400
Lagos (Iyana-Ipaja) :
Lagos (Iyana Ipaja) – Abia (Aba) ₦ 11,400
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