How do I pay my Mauritius Telecom Bill?

Can I pay Mauritius Telecom bill by juice?

With our Internet Banking and Juice mobile app, paying your bills have never been more convenient. No more queuing and time wasting: pay your bills online and on time.

How do I pay my bills in Mauritius?

You can pay your bill in person, by cash or cheque, at any of our Cash Offices. Please avoid paying your bill during peak period (29 ). This will reduce your queuing time. Alternatively, you may pay your bill at selected offices of the Central Water Authority ( St Paul and Port Louis) and in Post Offices.

How do I pay myt?

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  1. Receive confirmation payment.
  2. Open my.t money app and select Bill Payment.
  3. Scan QR Code on bill.
  4. Enter PIN.
  5. Receive confirmation payment.
  6. Open my.t money app and select Bill Payment. Next.

How can I pay my electricity bill online in Mauritius?


  1. Select ‘Bill Payments’
  2. Click on ‘Register Bill Payment’ on the left hand side menu.
  3. Select CENTRAL ELECTRICITY BOARD as Bill Payee and click on Register.
  4. Users will be navigated to the Register Payee Screen.
  5. Payee & Customer details to be entered during registration are:
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How do I pay my juice bill?

Pay a Juice merchant

  1. Open JuiceByMCB.
  2. Go to the “Pay & Transfer” tab.
  3. Select “Pay a Juice Merchant”
  4. Search merchant.
  5. Enter amount.
  6. Confirm your payment.

How do you pay for airbox juice?

Steps to pay bill using mcb juice

  1. Log on MCB Juice (available on Play Store & App Store)
  2. Select Pay & Transfer.
  3. Select Pay Bill.
  4. Select Emtel.
  5. Enter Mobile or Airbox number and the Amount to be paid.

Can I pay CEB bill with myt money?

t billpay. One mobile app to pay your Mauritius Telecom, CEB & CWA bills and selected merchants.

How do I pay my utility bill online MCB?

After login, go to Bills Payment, Pay Bill. Fill Biller details, select your name as a customer, select a biller from the drop-down list (list contains all utility companies that you have already registered), select your account. Enter the amount you want to pay or you may see the bill amount.

How do I check my CEB bill?

A SMS indicating your account balance using the “Know your bill by SMS” facility. – Simply type B followed by the 10 digit Account Number, with or without a space, and send to 1987.

How do I pay my tmobile bill from my phone?

You can pay your bill online, or by phone at 1-877-453-1304.

How can I get electricity in Mauritius?

Apply Online

  1. Visit the Central Electricity Board (CEB) website portal Link and click on “Customer Portal” tab located on the upper right side of your screen.
  2. Login with your credentials (email address/password), if you already have an account, if you do not have an account click on “click here to register” option.
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How do you pay bills with a credit card?

Companies that let you pay your bill by credit card typically enable you to make a payment either online or over the phone. You’ll have to give your credit card number, expiration date, and at least your billing zip code.

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