How do I start banana plantation in Nigeria?

How profitable is banana farming in Nigeria?

Banana farming in Nigeria is very profitable. This is a business where you can be making full income monthly (6 to 7 figures). The high consumption of bananas in Nigeria is what makes it very lucrative. The Profitability involves in this business depends on how you manage and maintain your banana farm.

How many bananas can you get per acre?

“The major investment in tissue culture banana establishment is the cost of the plantlets. One acre approximately holds 450 – 540 plantlets, depending on the spacing. A spacing of 2.5m by 3m allows for 450 plantlets per acre.

How do you start a banana plantation?

Starting a Banana Farm Business

  1. Starting Capital. Money takes the lead to any kind of business in the whole world today. …
  2. Get Appropriate Farmland. …
  3. Soil Check. …
  4. Prepare The Land For Farming. …
  5. Get Banana Sucker. …
  6. Sucker Treatment. …
  7. Banana Planting Season. …
  8. Planting Spacing and Pattern.

Which month is best for banana plantation?

Banana can be planted throughout the year except in severe winter and during heavy rains when the soil remains very wet. The ideal time (October-November) of planting is after the monsoon season. With assured irrigation, the planting can also be done in February-March.

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How profitable is banana farming?

On an average, a farmer earns Rs 10,000 per bigha of land under cane cultivation. But, banana production in the same area of land yields Rs 25,000.”

How much does a banana farm cost?

The Banana Farm itself generates $80 per round and costs $850 on Easy, $1000 on Medium, $1080 on Hard and $1200 on Impoppable.

What is a good price for bananas?

In 2020, the retail price of one pound of bananas in the United States stayed the same as in 2019 and registered at 57 cents. Prices have hovered around . 58 cents for the past seven years.

Do banana trees bear fruit every year?

Bananas are typically ready to be harvested late spring or early summer. … After your banana harvest, cut your tree back to about 30 inches and let the stem dry out for two weeks before removing it. Banana stalks only produce fruit once, so it’s important to cut them back for new fruit to grow.

How can you make a banana grow faster?

Watering a banana plant frequently and giving it fertilizer can help it grow faster. Also, banana trees that are grown outdoors are more likely to grow faster with enough space versus an indoor variety. Plant banana trees in groups of three or more use an acidic soil that is between 5.5.

How many bananas grow per tree?

Each stem grows 9 to 12 hands, which means that a single banana plant can produce up to 240 bananas.

Is a plantation a banana?

A banana plantation is a commercial agricultural facility found in tropical climates where bananas are grown.

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How do you increase banana fruit size?

Calcium is needed to ensure vigorous root, leaf and sucker development, thereby providing high yields. Its effects are most important in ensuring high quality fruit with long term storage potential. Magnesium and sulfur have a direct effect on yield, increasing the number and weight of fruit per banana bunch.

Which climate is suitable for banana?

Banana plants like warm and wet conditions, along with fertile soils. They grow best in the tropics, with an average temperature in the high-20s Celsius, and can be found in plantations in a wide band between 30 degrees north and south of the equator.

What manure is best for banana trees?

Banana trees will thrive throughout the growing season if provided ample amounts of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), potassium (K). Feed regularly using either 8-10-8 (NPK) chemical fertilizer or organic composted manure.

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