How do you Caveat a car in Uganda?

How do I lodge a caveat in Uganda?

The Applicant must have in his/her possession: Two sets of embossed caveat documents duly witnessed by an Advocate and signed by the person who is placing the Caveat (Deponent) and dated; Statutory/ Declaration signed by the Deponent and a Commissioner for Oaths; Two Passport photographs of the person placing the …

How much does it cost to transfer a vehicle in Uganda?

Transferring ownership of motor vehicles is not a practice common with many Ugandans. Often people buy vehicles but the transfer is not effected,” Banage pointed out. The fees for transferring a motor vehicle are Shs 104,000 for commercial vehicles, 84,000 for private vehicles and Shs 74,000 for motorcycles.

How do I find out who owns a car in Uganda?

Step 1: Go to and click on eservices as shown below. Step 3: Capture applicant’s TIN and details will be auto populated in grey. Step 4: Enter the motor vehicle number that you need to get details. Select payment details and capture text image, click submit.

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How do I transfer a car title in Uganda?

Apply Online[edit]

  1. The current owner has to log in to his created account on the URA website and go to the vehicle transfer page.
  2. He or She will be prompted to enter the details to whom the vehicle is to be transferred to for example the TIN number of the to be new owner.

How long does a caveat last in Uganda?

If someone lodges a caveat, it usually lapses within 60 days or may agree with the caveatee to cancel the caveat,” says Tusingwire. If the caveator is not satisfied and the caveat is about to expire, he or she can prevent lapsing by lodging an order of the Supreme Court to extend the caveat date expiry.

Who may lodge a caveat?

Who may lodge a caveat? Section 148A further provides that a caveat may be filed by any person, whether a party to the suit or not, as long as the person filing the caveat has the right to appear before the court in regard to the suit in question.

How much does it cost to register a car in Uganda?

Registration Fees for some common motor vehicle types

Sedan cars, saloon cars, estate cars but excluding dual purpose (goods and passenger) vehicles. 1,218,000
​Estate and station wagon vehicles with engine capacity of 3500 c.c or more ​1,718,000

How do I do a motor vehicle transfer?

How to make the transfer

  1. Click on VEHICLE REGISTRATION to access the menu.
  3. Click on CREATE NEW button and key in the vehicle registration number.
  4. Click on INQUIRE to find information about the vehicle.
  5. Then click VIEW to get more information.
  6. UPLOAD a scanned copy of the logbook.
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How long does a log book transfer take?

Applying online is the quickest route to getting hold of a replacement and should take around 5 days. Alternatively, you can fill out a V62 form and send it to the DVLA, although this process can take up to six weeks.

How do I check my car fines in Uganda?

How to check for Uganda police vehicle traffic fines. Option 1: On your Mobile, send EPS text message to 8888. It should be like this! Enter 8888 as the number to send the message to and type EPS followed by your car number eg EPS UAX000Z and send to 8888.

What do red number plates mean in Uganda?

Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) has issued a warning on individuals who drive vehicles with red registration plates without clearing the required taxes. … “Red registration plates are given to persons that have been abroad for a while and owned a car for more than 12 months.

How can I trace a car number plate?

You can Find, trace and track any vehicle number in India by just entering RTO Registration and vehicle number. www. findandtrace finds the Indian State, District, City and area details of the Vehicle, registered with RTO office.

How do I register my car in Uganda?

How to apply: Online application: Visit the URA web portal and Login to your TIN account using TIN and password. Under e-services, Point on Motor Vehicles registration then select applications from the extended menu.

What are transfer fees?

Stamp duty is calculated at $3 per $100, or part thereof, of the vehicle’s value. For passenger vehicles valued over $45,000 with seating for up to 9 occupants, the rate of stamp duty is $1,350 plus $5 per $100, or part thereof, of the vehicle’s value over $45,000.

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How do I transfer my log book online?

To transfer ownership online you’ll need to complete a form on the DVLA website. To do this you need the details of the new owner, you’ll need the 11-digit reference number from the car’s V5C. Once the online form is completed and submitted you’ll receive an email confirmation.

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