How do you say cheers in Mauritius?

(mahn jhay! )

How do you say goodnight in Mauritius?

A collection of useful phrases in Mauritian Creole, a French-based Creole spoken in Mauritius.

Useful phrases in Mauritian Creole.

Phrase Kreol Morisien (Mauritian Creole)
Good morning (Morning greeting) Bonzour
Good afternoon (Afternoon greeting) Bon apré-midi
Good evening (Evening greeting) Bonswar
Good night Bonswar

How do you say sorry in Mauritius?

The basic expressions that you need to know

To say goodbye, it’s “Salam”, sorry is “Sori” and thank you “mersi”.

How do you say hello in Mauritius?

You can also see the influence when it comes to the languages spoken in Mauritius.

Basic Mauritian Creole.

English Mauritian Creole Basic Guide to Pronunciation
Hello Bonzour bon-zoor
Hi (informal) Allo Ah-low
Good evening Bonswar bon-swaar

How do you say beautiful in Mauritius?

Beside above, how do you say beautiful in Mauritian Creole? You say “zoli”, it comes from the French word “joli”. “Zoli mamzel” is the title of a creole song by Zulu which means “Pretty girl”.

How do you say Mauritius in Italian?

Italian translation of ‘Mauritius’

  1. fragole? Le ho mangiate tutte.
  2. un fiore giallo.

Is Creole a language?

A creole language, or simply creole, is a stable natural language that develops from the simplifying and mixing of different languages into a new one within a fairly brief period of time: often, a pidgin evolved into a full-fledged language. … These three features distinguish a creole language from a pidgin.

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What is Mauritius best known for?

Mauritius is perhaps best known for its wonderful white beaches and the island boasts over 150 km of beaches around its shoreline. Leading away from the beaches, the fertile, gently sloping land is widely planted with sugar cane and forested areas including ebony and eucalyptus trees.

What country owns Mauritius?

France took control in 1715, renaming it Isle de France. In 1810, the island was seized by Great Britain, and four years later France ceded Mauritius and its dependencies to Britain.


Republic of Mauritius République de Maurice (French) Repiblik Moris (Morisyen)
• Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth

Is it safe to swim in Mauritius?

In Mauritius you have plenty room for safe swimming in lagoons. Swimming far away from the beach is not recommended and not necessary. Like elsewhere there are currents in Mauritius. The vast Indian Ocean is waiting for you beyond our reefs where the depth is ideal for scuba diving but not for swimming.

Is Mauritius a beautiful country?

A beautiful island in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is famous for its incredible natural riches and fantastic culture and traditions. It is not surprising that millions of honeymooners, family holidaymakers, and adventurers visit this fabulous island nation year on year.

Where is Mauritius located?

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