How long does it take to get a driving license in Ghana?

According to procedure, A Learner Driver’s Licence has to be acquired for a period of three (3) months before you can apply for the actual licence.

How much does it cost to get a driver’s license in Ghana?

How much does a driver’s license cost in Ghana? The cost of a learner’s permit is GHC 160, the road sign test is GHC 50 and the driving test is also GHC 50.

How can I get driving license in Ghana?

Steps of acquiring a driver’s license.

  1. Visit the DVLA offices.
  2. Purchase and completion of Forms F and F1.
  3. Physical examination and eye test.
  4. Payment and issuance of Learner Driver’s Permit, L-Plate, Syllabus and Highway Code.
  5. Compulsory 48-hour training with a DVLA accredited driving school.

How long does it take to complete a driving school in Ghana?

The driving lessons take three months for learner’s license at most, and the Ghanaians can apply. The charges vary between 600-800 GHC depending on the school you select. After the lessons, the driver will have to undergo a written exam and must score above 70%.

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How fast can I get a driving Licence?

Upon passing your driving test, you’ll be able to start driving immediately. Your instructor will take your provisional licence and send it to the DVLA and you’ll be sent a new permanent driving licence within 1-3 weeks. However, you don’t need to wait for the new licence before you can start driving.

Can I use a Ghana driving Licence?

Driving licence in Ghana

Expats are allowed to use their international drivers licences that are valid for one year. However, it is recommended to apply for a Ghanaian drivers licence after arrival if you plan on driving and staying for longer than a year.

How much does it cost to renew drivers Licence in Ghana?

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SN. Service Name Service Cost (GH¢)
13 RENEWAL OF LICENCE 2 (4 YRS) 150.00

What is the difference between license and Licence?

License as a Noun: Spelling and Examples

In American English, the noun is spelled the same as the verb—license. But in British English, the noun is spelled licence. All the while, the meaning stays the same—permission, a permit, a document that states you are qualified or allowed to do something.

What age can u get a driver’s license in Ghana?

Classes of Drivers License in Ghana

Type(s) of Vehicle or Car Car or Vehicle Specifications for the Practical Driving Test Minimum Age Restrictions
License Class
Tracked vehicle 21
Licence Class
Pedestrian controlled vehicle 16
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What is the cost of making DL?

Online LL/DL Payment Instructions:

Type of license-related issues Old fees (In Rs.) New fees (In Rs.)
Learner’s license 30 200
Learner’s license renewal 40 200
International driver’s license 500 1,000
Driving Licence Fees 40 200

How do you get a driver’s license?

How to apply for a new driving licence

  1. Select driving licence.
  2. Select ‘Apply for smart driving licence’.
  3. Fill in the required details.
  4. Pay the required fee and visit the NTSA Office with your invoice and passport photo.
  5. Pick your driving licence at the prescribed time.

What is the average hours of driving lessons to pass?

You’ll always have that one person who swears they passed first time after three lessons, but that’s far from the average. According to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), it takes most people 45 hours of lessons to learn how to drive, plus 22 hours of practising.

How can I pass my driving test?

10 Tips to Pass your Driving Test With A Driving School

  1. 1 –Plenty of Practice. …
  2. 2-Know The Area, Drive More With Your Driving School. …
  3. 3 – Adjust Your Car before the Driving Test. …
  4. 4-Obey the Speed Limits. …
  5. 5-Stop At All Stop Signs. …
  6. 6-Do Not Forget To Use Indicators. …
  7. 7-Learn How to Parallel Park With Your Driving School.

Can you drive the day you pass your test?

Can I drive straight away after passing my test? Yes. … Although it could take up to three weeks for you to receive your updated photocard in the post, you don’t need to wait for it to arrive before you drive. As long as your car is taxed and insured, you’re good to go.

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