How many barrels of oil does Kenya produce per day?

Barrels per Day Global Rank
Oil Production 824 107th in the world
Oil Consumption 114,000 75th in the world
Daily Deficit -113,176
Oil Imports 2,164

How much oil does Kenya export?

The oil exports are from Blocks 13T and 10BB which hold an estimated 560 million barrels of recoverable oil deposits and are owned by the joint venture partners that comprise the government, Tullow Oil, Africa Oil and Total.

Is Kenya rich in oil?

Kenya doesn’t have a lot of oil—its discovered reserves put it just ahead of Uzbekistan in the global rankings. But even with low oil prices, the potential revenue from monetizing Kenya’s reserves could be substantial.

Does Turkana have oil?

Turkana oil with a potential production of 70,000-100,000 barrels per day (bpd) was discovered in 2012 creating a high level of excitement and economic hopes. The current shareholders of the Turkana oil project are Tullow (50 per cent), Total (25 per cent) and Africa Oil (25 per cent).

Is Somalia rich in oil?

Somalia is one of the few remaining frontier oil and gas exploration territories and the Somalian federal government is promoting its advancement by launching its first ever offshore licensing round.

What happened Turkana oil?


The Kenya Petroleum Refineries Limited has been left with barrels of crude oil that were transported to the facility in 2019 and 2020 from Turkana for export but had not been sold by the time the pilot programme ended last year.

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Does Kenya import or export oil?

Top 5 Products exports imports at HS 6 digit level 2019

Kenya exported Fresh cut flowers and buds , worth US$ 582,777.54 million. Kenya exported Petroleum oils, etc, (excl. crude); preparation , worth US$ 440,945.91 million. Kenya exported Coffee, not roasted or decaffeinated , worth US$ 198,947.12 million.

Does Kenya import crude oil?

Kenya imports all its petroleum products requirements. The Ministry coordinates this activity with oil marketing companies through a process known as an Open Tender System.

Does Uganda have oil?

Major discoveries in 2006 put Uganda on the global oil map with the largest onshore discoveries in sub-Saharan Africa at 1.7 billion barrels of recoverable oil.

Who is the biggest exporter of oil?

Searchable List of Crude Oil Exporting Countries in 2020

Rank Exporter 2019-20
1. Saudi Arabia -32.56%
2. Russia -40.2%
3. Iraq -38.7%
4. United States -23%
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