How many large lakes are in Zambia?

Zambia Lakes – 3 Lakes in Zambia.

How many large lakes Does Zambia have?

There are 3 great natural lakes in northern Zambia, Bangweulu, Mweru (shared with the DR of Congo) and the southern section of Lake Tanganyika – one of the deepest natural lakes in the world.

What are the five major lakes in Zambia?

List of lakes of Zambia

  • Lake Bangweulu.
  • Lake Kariba.
  • Lake Kashiba.
  • Lake Ishiba Ng’andu.
  • Mofwe Lagoon.
  • Lake Mweru.
  • Lake Mweru Wantipa.
  • Lake Tanganyika.

What are the three biggest natural lakes in Zambia?

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Lake Name Area in acres
Lake Tanganyika (African Great Lakes / Burundi / Congo (DRC) / Kigoma, Tanzania / Rukwa, Tanzania / Zambia) 7,907,372
Lake Kariba (Zambia / Zimbabwe) 1,378,850
Lake Mweru (Congo (DRC) / Zambia) 1,265,178
Lake Bangweulu (Zambia) 741,316

Which lake is found in Zambia?

Bangweulu, (Bantu: “Large Water”, ) shallow lake with extensive swamps in northeastern Zambia. It is part of the Congo River system. Lying at an elevation of 3,740 feet (1,140 m), the waters of Bangweulu, fluctuating with the rainy season, cover a triangular area of about 3,800 square miles (9,800 square km).

Is Lake Bangweulu a depression lake?

The Great Bangweulu Basin, incorporating the vast Bangweulu Lake and a massive Wetland area, lies in a shallow depression in the centre of an ancient cratonic platform, the North Zambian Plateau.

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How many man made lakes are there in Zambia?


Lake Kariba, on Zambia’s southern border, is one of the largest artificial lakes in the world. It is shared by Zambia and Zimbabwe. The North Bank power station at the Kariba Dam is one of three major hydroelectric plants in Zambia (the other two are located at Victoria Falls and at Kafue Gorge).

What are the four major rivers in Zambia?


  • Zambezi River. The Zambezi is Africa’s fourth largest river system, after the Nile, Zaire and Niger Rivers. …
  • Luangwa River. …
  • Kafue River.

Do all lakes have rivers?

Most lakes have at least one natural outflow in the form of a river or stream, which maintain a lake’s average level by allowing the drainage of excess water. Some lakes do not have a natural outflow and lose water solely by evaporation or underground seepage or both.

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