How many public basic schools are in Ghana?

Presently, Ghana has 18,530 primary schools, 8,850 junior secondary schools, 900 senior secondary schools, 28 training colleges, 20 technical institutions, four diploma-awarding institutions, six public universities and over 15 private universities in addiction to 12 polytechnics serving a population 30 million …

How many private schools are there in Ghana?

A total of 561 primary and junior secondary schools were found: 141 unregistered private, 154 government, 393 Private and public schooling in Ghana Page 6 and 266 registered private schools (see Table 1).

What is the best basic school in Ghana?

Top 10 Best Primary Schools in Ghana

  • Galaxy International School. …
  • Kay Billie Klaer. …
  • Alsyd Academy. …
  • Faith Montessori. …
  • Alpha Beta School. …
  • Morning Star School. …
  • Queensland International School. …
  • The Hilltop International British School.

What are basic schools in Ghana?

The Ghanaian education system is divided in three parts: “Basic Education”, secondary cycle and tertiary Education. “Basic Education” lasts 11 years(Age 4-15), is free and compulsory. It is divided into Kindergarten(2 years), primary school(2 modules of 3 years) and Junior High school(3 years).

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How many public SHS are in Ghana?

List of senior high schools in Ghana

Location of Ghana Number of Public/Private Educational Institutions
Category Number
Junior high school 14,769
senior high school 981
Colleges of Education 46

What is the best technical school in Ghana?


  • Koforidua Senior High Technical School.
  • Joseph’s Technical School- Saboba.
  • Don Bosco Technical Institute-Odumase.
  • Brakwa Senior/Technical School.
  • Cape Coast Technical Institute.
  • Kumasi Technical Institute.
  • Asuansi Technical Institute.
  • Royal Technical College.

Here is a list of the top 100 senior high schools that Ghana is proud to have produced so far:

  • Saviour Senior High School. …
  • Mfantsipim School. …
  • Presec Legon Boys’ Senior High School. …
  • Galaxy international School. …
  • Prempeh College. …
  • Berekum Star Senior High school. …
  • Pope John Secondary School.
  • Aburi Girls’ Secondary School.

How much are school fees in Ghana?

Government boarding schools cost about $289 per school year, day school about $120, according to government data. These are significant costs in a country where the average annual per capita income is about $1,900, according to the World Bank.

What is the best science SHS in Ghana?


hideRank School Number of wins
1 Presbyterian Boys’ Secondary School 6
2 Prempeh College 4
3 St. Peter’s Senior High School 3
4 Opoku Ware School 2

Which tribe in Ghana is most educated?

The most educated tribe in Africa are majorly from western part of Africa.

  • YORUBA. Unarguably the most educated tribe in Africa, and even thought to be the most learned by some people. …
  • ASHANTI. The Ashanti are an Akan people and their tribe is the largest in Ghana. …
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Where does Ghana rank in education?

In its 2013–14 report, the World Economic Forum ranked Ghana 46th out of 148 countries for education system quality. In 2010, Ghana’s literacy rate was 71.5%, with a notable gap between men (78.3%) and women (65.3%).

What are disadvantages of formal education?

Disadvantages of Formal Education:

Exams and grades can sometimes lead to stress and anxiety. It is costly and rigid. An unprofessional and non-standard education system may also cause wastage of time and money.

Which senior high school is the biggest in Ghana?

Opoku Ware School, usually referred to as OWASS, is an all-boys senior high school with a population of approximately 1800 students, one of the biggest senior high schools in Ghana. This institution was established in 1952 and was named after the Asante King Opoku Ware 1.

What is the first senior high school in Ghana?

Here are the top 10 oldest senior high schools in Ghana;

School Year of Est. Age @ 2020

What are Category A schools in Ghana?

Below are the comprehensive list of Category A Schools in Ghana;

  • Ola Girls’ Senior High School, Kenyasi.
  • Serwaa Kesse Girls Senior High School.
  • Opoku Ware School.
  • T.I. Ahmadiyya Senior High School.
  • Kumasi High School.
  • Prempeh College.
  • St. Louis Senior High School.
  • Yaa Asantewaa Girls’ Senior High School.
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