How much is 20cedis in Nigeria?

Date Day of the week 20 GHS to NGN
July 3, 2021 Saturday 20 GHS = 1,395.60 NGN
August 2, 2021 (today) Monday 20 GHS = 1,375.91 NGN
The cost of 20 Cedis (GHS) in Nigerian Naira for a month (30 days) decreased by -₦19.70 (nineteen naira seventy kobo).

How much is 20cedis in Nigeria money?

For twenty cedis you get today 1,387 naira 86 kobo.

How many naira is 20cd?

GHS Ghanaian Cedi to NGN Nigerian Naira Currency Rates Today: Sunday, 11/07/2021

Date Ghanaian Cedi Nigerian Naira
07/07/2021 20 GHS = 1389.24 NGN
06/07/2021 20 GHS = 1388.81 NGN
05/07/2021 20 GHS = 1393.73 NGN
04/07/2021 20 GHS = 1395.48 NGN

How much is a Ghana cedis to a naira?

Convert Ghanaian Cedi to Nigerian Naira

1 GHS 68.6431 NGN
5 GHS 343.215 NGN
10 GHS 686.431 NGN
25 GHS 1,716.08 NGN

Is Ghana cedis higher than naira?

On areas of conversion the cedi is stronger than the naira. Currently 80naira = Ghc 1. However the fact is that Ghc1 in Ghana cannot buy anything meaningful but 80naira is a substantial amount in Nigeria than in Ghana. You can look at it this way – things are cheaper in Nigeria than Ghana.

What is the highest currency in Africa?

Libyan Dinar

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Libyan Dinar is the most valuable currency in Africa.

How much is 1000cedis naira?

1,000 cedis to nigerian naira according to the foreign exchange rate for today. You have just converted one thousand cedis to nigerian naira according to the recent foreign exchange rate 68.81216255. For one thousand cedis you get today 68,812 naira 16 kobo.

How much is $100 dollars in Ghana cedis?

Are you overpaying your bank?

Conversion rates US Dollar / Ghanaian Cedi
10 USD 59.90000 GHS
20 USD 119.80000 GHS
50 USD 299.50000 GHS
100 USD 599.00000 GHS

What is the safest currency?

Norway And Singapore. The Norwegian krone has been known as a safe currency, thanks in large part to Norway having no net debt. The Norwegian krone is also a standalone currency which means it’s not tied to another country’s failures.

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