How much is Dom Perignon in Nigeria club?

Dom Perignon Vintage and Dom Perignon Luminous champagne. The price of Dom Perignon champagne in Nigeria is N110,000 only, for a bottle.

How much is a bottle of Dom at the club?

How much does Dom Pérignon cost? A bottle of Dom Pérignon starts at around $185 while older bottles grow in price exponentially.

How much is Dom Perignon drink?

Dom Perignon is a symbol of luxury and excess. As seen in our charts below, the price points start at the staggering $150 range. How is it possible that a champagne is so expensive?

Common Dom Perignon Champagne Prices List.

Name Average Price Food Suggestion
Dom Perignon Rose $343 Meaty and Oily Fish

What is the most expensive drink in Nigeria?

Here’s a list of the 10 most expensive alcoholic drinks in Nigeria;

  1. Tequila Ley .925 – $3,500,000.
  2. Henri IV Dudognon Heritage Cognac Grande Champagne – $2,000,000. …
  3. Diva Vodka – $1,000,000. …
  4. Dalmore 62 – $215,000. …
  5. Armand de Brignac Midas – $190,000. …
  6. Penfolds Ampoule – $175,000. …
  7. 1811 Château d’Yquem- $130,000. …
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How much is Dom Perignon in Quilox?

A visit to Quilox nightclub on Victoria Island revealed that the price of a bottle of Cristal goes for N200,000, Dom Perignon, N150,000, Gold Label, N100,000, Moet Rose, N80,000 and Ciroc, 75,000.

Is Dom Perignon really that good?

Dom Perignon IS a great Champagne wine… Yes, Dom Perignon is a truly outstanding wine, featuring powerful flavors of fruit, oak, and leesy notes from its long ageing in bottle. Yes, as well, some might find it a little too powerful and filled with too much of these nutty, brioche, biscuit, and oaky characters.

How long is Dom Perignon good for?

As Dom Pérignon is a vintage champagne, it lasts a lot longer than non-vintage types and usually lasts 7 to 10 years after the time of purchase if stored correctly. However, if you leave it longer than this, the quality can start to deteriorate over time.

Is 1998 Dom Perignon still good?

The 1998 seems young still, but is certainly a great pleasure to drink and will be for many years. During a visit at Dom Pérignon in Hautvillers in March this year, I tasted the three recent vintages of the prestige cuvée plus the often-underrated 1998.

Which is the most expensive champagne?

Most Expensive Champagne

Wine Name Grape Avg Price
Henri Giraud ‘Argonne’ Ay Grand Cru Brut Rose, Champagne, France Champagne Blend $1,263
Dom Perignon Oenotheque Rose, Champagne, France Champagne Blend $1,256
Louis Roederer Cristal Vinotheque Edition Brut Millesime, Champagne, France Chardonnay – Pinot Noir $1,156

What is the cheapest Dom Perignon?

Bubbly season is here and what better way to celebrate than with a bottle of Dom Pérignon 2009? We can sweeten that celebration, as Vine & Table is offering the 2009 vintage at the lowest price in the country – $129.99 a bottle.

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What do they drink in Nigeria?

Akpeteshie is the national spirit of Ghana, produced by distilling palm wine or sugar cane. In Nigeria it is known as Ògógóró (Ogog’), an Urhobo word, usually distilled locally from fermented Raffia palm tree juice, where it is known as the country’s homebrew.

Top 5 Most Popular Beverages in Nigeria

  • Beer. The beer is enjoyed and sold to a lot of adults in Nigeria. After water and tea, beer is consumed the most. …
  • Soft Drink or Mineral. Soft drinks. …
  • Tea. Tea. …
  • Coffee. Coffee. …
  • Wine. Wine.

Which is the most expensive drink in the world?

The world’s most expensive drinks

  • The Winston Cocktail – £8,200. …
  • Legacy by Angostura – US$25,000. …
  • Château d’Yquem – £75,000. …
  • Penfolds Ampoule – £100,000. …
  • Armand de Brignac Midas – £125,000. …
  • Dalmore 62 – £125,000. …
  • Diva Vodka – US$1,000,000. …
  • Henry IV Dudognon Heritage Cognac Grande Champagne – US$2,000,000.

How much is Dom Perignon in Cubana?

The price of Dom Perignon champagne in Nigeria is N110,000 only, for a bottle.

How much does it cost to get into Quilox?

Quilox has no entry fee. In other words, it runs a free-entry policy.

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