How much is DStv subscription per month in Nigeria?

DStv Premium is NGN 16,200 per month. DStv Premium also has an annual payment which is NGN 178,200 per Year. DStv Premium has 175 + Channels.

What is the price of DSTV packages in Nigeria?

DSTV Subscription Packages and bouquet price list In Nigeria for August, 2021 (Updated)

DSTV Packages Price
Family #4615
Compact #7,900
Compact plus #12,400
Premium 18,400

How much is DSTV Explora monthly subscription in Nigeria?

DsTv Explora Price in Nigeria 2021

Its current price is 66,750 Naira and it comes with all necessary accessories and compact package. Installation fee is 10,000 Naira.

What are the prices of DSTV packages?

DSTV Packages and Bouquets Price list

  • DSTV Access package costs R99 a month.
  • DSTV Family package costs R249 a month.
  • DSTV Compact Plus package cost R509 a month.
  • DSTV Premium package cost R809 a month this 2019.

What is the cheapest DStv package in Nigeria?

DSTV Packages and Bouquets Prices

  • DSTV Padi (₦1,850 per Month): …
  • DSTV Yanga (₦2,565 per Month): …
  • DSTV Confam (₦4,615 per Month): …
  • DSTV Compact (₦7,900 per Month): …
  • DSTV Compact Plus (₦12,400 per Month): …
  • DSTV Premium (₦18,400 per Month): …
  • DSTV Access (₦2,000 per Month) [Discontinued]:
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How much is the lowest DStv subscription in Nigeria?

DStv Compact Package

The DStv compact package is the lowest version for the DStv compact plus package mentioned above. If you want to go the plan, you’ll pay a monthly subscription price of N6,975. However, this monthly subscription plan grants you access to 135 channels at your disposal.

How much is Explora monthly?

The current price of the Compact package is R409 per month. You can also get the annual subscription, including DStv Explora, free delivery of equipment, and installation. DStv Compact price lock option also comes with 50% off your Showmax subscription.

How much is DStv HD in Nigeria?

The price of dstv hd decoder with full installation kit and 1 month confam package is 9,900 Naira while explora decoder cost 66,750 Naira in Nigeria. Installation fee is 5000 Naira for the HD and 10,000 Naira for explora.

How much is DStv premium per month?

DStv price per channel – Premium vs Compact

DStv packages prices and channels
DStv package Price Price per channel
DStv Premium R829 R5.45
DStv Compact Plus R539 R3.91
DStv Compact R409 R3.41

How many channels does DStv Family 2020 have?

So what channels are on DStv Family for subscribers in South Africa? Here is the complete list of channels on the DStv Family Package. The DStv Family Package goes for 279 Rand per month and contains 80 channels.

DStv Family Channels List 2020.

Channel Number Name
260 Bay TV
261 1 KZN
262 Tshwane TV
263 Cape Town TV
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Can I choose my own channels on DStv?

Can You Choose Your Own Channels On Dstv. No, Dstv does not allow their subscribers to choose the channels of their choice. It will be very difficult for Dstv to allow its customer to select channels of their own choice. That is because most of the channels on Dstv are paid channels that Multichoice does not own them.

How many channels are in DStv Compact?

You can get over 135 TV and Audio channels on DStv Compact at a cost of only and USD 25 per month. Get ready for action. 135+ channels crammed with Premier League and WWE, the blockbuster movies you love and a wide selection of local and international entertainment, reality, news, music and lifestyle channels.

How much is DStv Compact Plus in Nigeria?

Multichoice offers DSTV Compact Plus at a price of ₦12,400 monthly, 4,500 NGN more than the DSTV Compact package and 6,000 Naira below the DSTV Premium bouquet.

How do I upgrade my DStv package in Nigeria?

Whenever you want to upgrade your DStv package, you can simply do so by typing “Upgrade” + (your smartcard number) + (preferred package) and sending via SMS to 1731. It’s simple, smart and hassle-free!

How do I pay for my DStv package?

How to pay DStv via M-pesa

  1. Visit your phone’s toolkit and click on Safaricom.
  2. Choose M-Pesa, and then go to “Lipa na Mpesa.”
  3. Select “Pay Bill” and proceed to.
  4. Enter the DStv M-Pesa paybill number, 444900. …
  5. Add your DStv account number as prompted by the process. …
  6. Enter in the specific amount you want to pay.
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