How much trade does the UK do with Kenya?

Kenya’s total imports from UK amounted to US $ 336 million in2020. It is important to note that in 2020, UK’s total exports globally was USD 402 billion while total imports were worth USD 632billion. On the other hand, the volume of trade between UK and Kenya in 2020 was USD 0.75 billion.

What does the UK export to Kenya?

The UK is Kenya’s second most important export destination. Kenya mainly exports tea, coffee and horticultural products, with the country accounting for 27% of the fresh produce and 56% of the black tea market in the UK.

Who is Kenya’s biggest trading partner?

Kenya top 5 Export and Import partners

Market Trade (US$ Mil) Partner share(%)
United States 509 8.71
Netherlands 470 8.06
Pakistan 443 7.60
United Kingdom 392 6.71

Who does the UK do most trade with?

List of the largest trading partners of United Kingdom

Rank Country Total trade
Total for non-EU 642,726
European Union (Total) 614,980
1 United States 182,583
2 Germany 134,927
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What is the relationship between Kenya and UK?

Kenya–United Kingdom relations are bilateral relations between Kenya and the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom has been a partner of Kenya in many areas, particularly trade and security (military). Both nations are members of the Commonwealth of Nations and the United Nations.

What can I export to Kenya?

Kenya is the economic and transport hub of East Africa.

The top exports of Kenya are:

  • Tea ($1460M)
  • Refined Petroleum ($347M)
  • Cut Flowers ($616M)
  • Coffee ($243M)
  • Legumes ($86.8M)

What do the UK import from Kenya?

On the other hand, the top 10 import products from UK in2020 included; motor vehicles (26.4%), mechanical machinery (12.6%), electrical equipment (9.5%), pharmaceuticals (6.5%), paper board and articles (5.8%),beverages/spirits (4.7%); mineral oils (3.1%), chemical products (2.9%),measuring instruments (2.4%), and …

What is Kenya’s biggest export?

Kenya’s chief exports are horticultural products and tea. In 2005, the combined value of these commodities was US$1,150 million, about 10 times the value of Kenya’s third most valuable export, coffee. Kenya’s other significant exports are petroleum products, sold to near neighbours, fish, cement, pyrethrum, and sisal.

What does the US get from Kenya?

Kenya exported goods worth US$ 527 million in 2018, primarily apparels, coffee and nuts. Its imports were mainly commercial aeroplanes and other spacecraft, polymers and medicaments. … The principal objective is to secure duty free access for American industrial, apparel and agricultural goods in Africa.

Is Kenya a poor country?

Less than a year ago, the IMF warned: “The fraction of the world’s population living in extreme poverty—that is, on less than $1.90 a day—had fallen below 10% in recent years (from more than 35% in 1990).


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Rank Country GDP-PPP ($)
45 Republic of Congo 4,188
46 Tuvalu 4,497
47 Cambodia 4,695
48 Kenya 4,926

Is the UK a rich country?

It is the fifth-largest national economy in the world measured by nominal gross domestic product (GDP), ninth-largest by purchasing power parity (PPP), and twenty first-largest by GDP per capita, constituting 3.3% of world GDP. … Of the world’s 500 largest companies, 26 are headquartered in the UK.

What is Britain’s biggest industry?

London possesses one of the world’s leading financial centres.

  • According to the estimates of 2019, the UK had a nominal GDP of $2.83 trillion and GDP based on purchasing power parity of $3.13 trillion. …
  • E Commerce is the largest industry in the United Kingdom with 586 billion pounds in 2017. …
  • employs around 179,000 people.

Who does the UK trade with 2021?

As of July 2021, the United Kingdom has concluded three new trade agreements: with Japan; with its biggest trading partner, the EU; and with Australia.

Signed agreements.

Nation (s) Canada
Signed 9 December 2020
Effective 19 March 2021
Treaty number Canada 1 (2020)
Trade value (2019) £22.4bn ($30.63bn)

Is Kenya under British law?

It was established when the former East Africa Protectorate was transformed into a British Crown colony in 1920. … The colony came to an end in 1963 when a black majority government was elected for the first time and eventually declared independence as Kenya.

Is Kenya bigger than UK?

United Kingdom is approximately 243,610 sq km, while Kenya is approximately 580,367 sq km, making Kenya 138% larger than United Kingdom.

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How does the UK support Kenya?

The UK announced £3.7 million of new UK funding to accelerate Kenya’s climate transition, including projects supporting renewable energy, clean cooling, and forest restoration. UK-backed InfraCo Africa will also invest £3.3m in off-grid solar to provide clean energy access to 6,000 families in rural Kenya.

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