Is Chioma an Igbo name?

Chioma is an Igbo name for babies meaning Good God, good luck or fortune.

What is Chioma in Igbo?

/Chi-ọma/ Gender: f. 1. Good or favourable Chi or good fortune.

Is Chioma a Yoruba or Igbo?

Additional information: Chioma is a Nigerian name, from the Igbo speaking population.

Where does the name Chioma come from?

About Chioma

The name comes from an African language called Igbo, and is found mostly in Nigeria.

What kind of name is Chioma?

The name Chioma is a girl’s name meaning “good God”. Beautiful West African name that could appeal across cultures.

What does the name Chioma mean in Nigeria?

The name Chioma means more than just “good God”, which is the literal translation. Literarily, it means someone that is “lucky” or “favoured”. It originates from an Igbo expression, which translates to “you have good God”.

How old is Chioma?

She cherishes voyaging and has visited numerous urban areas in five landmasses of the world. She is presently one of the main Influencers on Instagram.


Chef Chioma
Born: 1 May 1995
Age: 25 years old
Birth Place: Owerri
State Of Origin: Imo State
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What does Chioma mean in English?

[ˈkjɔma] feminine noun. (capelli) head of hair.

What does OMA mean in Igbo?

Oma – Good. Ututu Oma is a recent invention. It is a literal translation of the British morning greeting ‘Good Morning’. However, ndi Igbo do not great each other by proclaiming Good Morning.

Is Igbo a written language?

The modern Igbo alphabet (Igbo: Mkpụrụ Edemede Igbo), otherwise known as the Igbo alphabet (Igbo: Mkpụrụ Edemede Igbo), is the alphabet of the Igbo language, it is one of the three national languages of Nigeria. … The standard written form of Igbo is based on the Owerri and Umuahia dialects.

What is the meaning of ijeoma?

Ijeoma is an Igbo name for girls meaning Good journey in life.

Who is Chioma Nwosu?

Chioma Nwosu is a popular Nollywood Actress, Lawyer, Singer, Writer and Production Manager. Chioma was born on May 31, 1979 into a family of seven children. She hails from Umuahia, Abia State, but had her up-bringing in Lagos, Nigeria. Chioma holds a Bachelor’s degree in Law from the Lagos State University, Ojo, Lagos.

What is the meaning of chimamanda?

The name Chimamanda is primarily a female name of African – Nigeria origin that means My God Will Not Fall/Fail Me. The name was brought into contemporary culture by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, a famous Nigerian writer.

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