Is DStv call center 24 hours in Nigeria?

DSTV Call centre operating hours are now 8am to 9pm on Saturdays, Sunday and public holidays. The DSTV Nigeria toll free lines are 09090630333 for Etisalat, 07080630333 for Airtel, 08113630333 for Glo and 08149860333 for MTN.

How do I contact DStv customer care in Nigeria?

To get started, save our number 254 793 298 798, then make sure to have your Smartcard Number & Surname ready.

How do I contact DStv call center?

Contact Us

  1. 137 Bram Fisher Drive, Ferndale, Randburg, 2194, South Africa.
  2. 011 686 6000.
  3. PO Box 2963, Pinegowrie, 2123, South Africa.

Is DStv a call center?

The company’s headquarter is located in Randburg, South Africa. … MultiChoice city: 144 Bram Fischer Drive, Ferndale, Randburg, South Africa. Postal Address: P.O Box 1502, Randburg, 2125, South Africa. Switchboard: +27 11 289 3000.

How do I communicate with DStv?

For all DStv customer and service-related queries, please visit or or contact us on

How much is DStv Compact?


How do I activate my DStv after payment?

Activating your DsTv After Payment is simple. Just send “RA Smart Card Number” to 30333. For instance, if your smartcard number is 0989765445, text “RA 0989765445” to 30333. Checking your Subscription Due Date & Account Balance (Online, SMS & Mobile App).

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How much is DStv subscription per month in Nigeria?

DStv Premium is NGN 16,200 per month. DStv Premium also has an annual payment which is NGN 178,200 per Year. DStv Premium has 175 + Channels.

How much is DStv in Nigeria?

DSTV Installation

Currently the cost of getting DSTV is 18,600 Naira. This includes cost of decoder, dish, dish kit (installation kit), remote, and one month free subscription to the compact package.

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