Is Guinness brewed in Kenya?

Cameroon is the fourth-biggest market for Guinness and the beer is also brewed in Kenya, Uganda and Namibia. Africa, with its $13 billion beer market, is the biggest source of beer sales for the owners of Guinness, the British multinational Diageo.

Is Guinness made in Kenya?

Guinness has been a beer brand that Kenyans have enjoyed since the 60’s. The new and distinctive Guinness Smooth was produced by the local brewing team in Kenya; working closely with the international brewers in Dublin, where the stout is originally from.

Where is Guinness brewed in Africa?

The brewery was the first Guinness operation outside Ireland and Great Britain. Other breweries have been opened over time: Benin City brewery in 1973 and Ogba brewery in 1963.

Guinness Nigeria.

Type Listed
Founded 29 April 1950
Headquarters 24 Oba Akran Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos State. , Nigeria
Number of locations Lagos, Benin City Aba

Which country produces Guinness?

At its inception, the company produced only Guinness Foreign Extra Stout, popularly known as Guinness. The primary depot was at the same position with stores across the country particularly in the south.

Guinness Ghana Breweries.

Current Logo May 2016
Type Public
Parent Diageo
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How much is Guinness in Kenya?

Guinness is a Kenya liquor classified as stout beers. It contains 5% ABV (alcohol by volume).


Product Name guinness
Volume 500 ml
Price 500 ml @ Ksh 250
Country of origin Kenya
Alcohol content 5%

Which is the best beer in Kenya?


1 Sierra Imperial Stout 52
2 Guinness Foreign Extra Stout (Kenya) 46
3 Sierra Porter 17
4 Sierra Amber 10

Is drinking Guinness good for you?

Taking Guinness as an example, one pint is one per cent calcium, which can boost bone health. A study in 2009 found drinking beer in moderation can help improve bone mineral density, which is a large risk factor in osteoporosis.

Why is Guinness different in Ireland?

Guinness can taste slightly different and have a different head based on where it’s coming from. A big factor in this is how long the beer you’re getting has been in the keg. People in Ireland drink Guinness a lot more than in the states, so kegs are replaced more frequently i.e. fresher beer.

Where is most Guinness drunk?

The UK is the only sovereign state to consume more Guinness than Ireland. The third-largest Guinness drinking nation is Nigeria, followed by the USA; the United States consumed more than 950,000 hectolitres of Guinness in 2010.

Does Nigeria drink the most Guinness?

Yep, Nigeria drinks more Guinness than we do. They overtook Ireland as the second-largest market for Guinness as Diageo began to expand the product internationally.

What is the strongest Guinness?

The strongest beer ever sold is “The End of History”, which was brewed by BrewDog in Fraserburgh, Scotland and has an alcohol volume of 55%.

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