Is Ibadan the largest state in Nigeria?

Characteristic Number of inhabitants in thousands
Ibadan 3,565
Kaduna 1,582
Port Harcourt 1,149
Benin City 1,125

Is Ibadan the biggest state in Nigeria?

It is the third-largest city by population in Nigeria after Lagos and Kano, with a total population of 3,649,000 as of 2021, and over 6 million people within its metropolitan area. It is the country’s largest city by geographical area.

Country Nigeria
State Oyo
War camp 1829
Ibadan District Council 1961

Is Ibadan bigger than Lagos State?

In the entire West Africa, Ibadan is known as the largest city and the second largest city in Africa, after Cairo. Compared to Lagos, Ibadan is far bigger. Lagos is a state and Ibadan is a capital of a state — Oyo.

Is Oyo the largest state in Nigeria?

Oyo, usually referred to as Oyo State to distinguish it from the city of Oyo, is an inland state in southwestern Nigeria. Its capital is Ibadan, the third most populous city in the country and formerly the second most populous city in Africa.

Oyo State
Population (2006)
• Total 5,580,894
• Year 2007
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Which is the most beautiful city in Nigeria?

Therefore, in no particular order, these are the most beautiful cities in Nigeria.

  • Lagos City.
  • Abuja City.
  • Calabar City.
  • Warri City.
  • Uyo City.
  • Port-Harcourt City.
  • Kaduna City.
  • Akure City.

Which city is the most developed in Nigeria?


Abuja is probably the most developed City in the country apart from Lagos and this is because of the Federal presence in it, after all, it is the seat of power.

What is the poorest state in Nigeria?

Which is the poorest state in Nigeria? Sokoto state has been ranked as the poorest state in Nigeria after having a poverty level of 87.73% in 2019.

Which state is the most beautiful state in Nigeria?

10 Most Beautiful States in Nigeria (2021)

  • Enugu State. …
  • Rivers State. …
  • Kaduna State. …
  • Delta State. …
  • Cross River State. …
  • Akwa Ibom State. …
  • Imo State. …
  • Ondo State. Ondo State is one of the beautiful states in the South West.

Which state is the smallest in Nigeria?

Lagos State | 3,345 sq km

Lagos is estimated to be 22 times smaller than Niger state which is the largest state in the country. Despite being the smallest state in the country, Lagos has the highest population at over 20 million inhabitants. Let’s take a look at some interesting facts about Lagos.

Is Lagos richer than Ghana?

The economic output of Lagos is estimated at $91 billion, which would place the city as the 7th top economy on the continent if it were a country. Meaning, Lagos is richer than Ghana but not bigger in land mass.

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Is Texas bigger than Nigeria?

Nigeria is about 1.4 times bigger than Texas.

Texas is approximately 678,052 sq km, while Nigeria is approximately 923,768 sq km, making Nigeria 36% larger than Texas. Meanwhile, the population of Texas is ~25.1 million people (188.9 million more people live in Nigeria).

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