Is there a boat from Turkey to Egypt?

No,there are no longer any Mediterranean ferries to or from Egypt…not from Turkey,nor from other countries. The only ferries to Egypt afaik are from southern Jordan.

Can you get to Egypt by boat?

Getting to Egypt by boat

There are currently no ferry routes linking Egypt with mainland Europe. … There is an intermittent ferry service along the Nile between Wadi Halfa in Sudan and Egypt’s High Dam, and a car ferry service from Jeddah to Suez via the Suez canal.

How do you get from Egypt to Turkey?

The cheapest way to get from Turkey to Egypt is to fly which costs 500 ₺ – 4.200 ₺ and takes 5h 50m. What is the fastest way to get from Turkey to Egypt? The quickest way to get from Turkey to Egypt is to fly which costs 1.800 ₺ – 3.200 ₺ and takes 3h 29m.

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How long does it take from Turkey to Egypt?

The air travel (bird fly) shortest distance between Egypt and Turkey is 1,409 km= 876 miles. If you travel with an airplane (which has average speed of 560 miles) from Egypt to Turkey, It takes 1.56 hours to arrive.

Can you get to Turkey by boat?

Frequent, high-speed crossings are available from Chios to Cesme, Kos to Bodrum and Rhodes to Fethiye. You can also sail from Kyrenia in Cyprus to Tasucu in southern Turkey which takes a little longer, with a few crossings provided every week.

Is there a ferry from Greece to Egypt?

There isn’t a ferry from Greece to Egypt at the moment, so you’ll be scuppered there (the ferry service has been suspended indefinitely).

How long would it take to get to Egypt by boat?

For a regular cargo ship it would take approximately 21 days steaming time in good weather conditions, so give a couple of days for bad weather, the journey would take say 23 days to accomplish.

Can Egyptian go to Turkey?

No, Egyptians need a visa to travel to Turkey. Only official Egyptian passport holders can enter Turkey visa-free. The Turkish visa must be obtained in advance and presented at the border along with the passport and any other required supporting documents.

How much is Turkish visa from Egypt?

All Egyptian applicants younger than 20 and older than 45 could obtain one-entry visa through applying from website with visa fee of 20. – US Dollars. All visa applicants to our Consulate General are to be made everyday except Friday and Saturday, between 10:00-13:00 hours.

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Does Egyptian passport need visa to Turkey?

Egypt: Official passport holders are exempted from visa for their travels up to 90 days. Ordinary passport holders are required to have visa to enter Turkey. … Besides, those ordinary passport holders who are under 20 or over 45 years old may get their 30-day single-entry e-Visas via the website

Is Egypt bigger than Turkey?

Egypt is about 1.3 times bigger than Turkey.

Turkey is approximately 783,562 sq km, while Egypt is approximately 1,001,450 sq km, making Egypt 28% larger than Turkey.

Are Egypt and Turkey allies?

Egyptian–Turkish relations are bilateral relations between Egypt and Turkey. Egypt and Turkey are bound by strong religious, cultural and historical ties, but diplomatic ties between the two have remained extremely friendly at times and extremely strained at others.

How long does it take to travel to Turkey?

How long do flights to Turkey take? Non-stop flights between the UK and Turkey take on average between 3 hours 50 minutes and 4 hours 15 minutes, depending on where you are flying from and to.

Is there a ferry from Greece to Turkey?

The easiest way to travel between Greece and Turkey is on a ferry from a Greek island to the Turkish mainland (or vice-versa). Fast Catamaran ferries depart from Rhodes, Kos, Samos, Chios and Kastelorizo to Marmaris, Bodrum, Fethiye, Cesme, Kusadasi and Kas.

Can you drive to Turkey?

Travelling to Turkey by car can be a long but fun experience. If you are planning a road trip to Turkey, you need to carefully prepare your car for the road, as well as yourself. You can drive to Turkey via Bulgaria, Italy or Greece. If you drive through Italy and Greece, you will need to take a ferry.

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Is there a ferry from UK to Turkey? presents 15 ferries to Turkey, with 8 ferry companies sailing from 12 ports with a choice of up to 10 ferry destinations in Turkey.

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