Is UGMC under Ghana Health Service?

Who started University of Ghana Medical Centre?

With the fate of the 51 students hanging in the balance, the then president of Ghana, Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, took a bold decision in February 1964 to establish a Medical School relying predominantly on local financial and manpower resources.

Does University of Ghana offer dermatology?

He said the University would also produce well-trained and dedicated medical staff with an orientation towards providing good healthcare with specialization in dermatology. … Dermatology is the branch of medicine concerned with the physiology and pathology of the skin.

Is Legon hospital under Ghana Health Service?

The University of Ghana Hospital, popularly known as the Legon Hospital was built and commissioned in 1957 and is officially owned by the University of Ghana. … The hospital started as a clinic sharing all facilities in common with the Achimota Hospital.

In which district is Ridge hospital?

The GARH formerly known as the Ridge Regional Hospital is situated at North Ridge (along the castle road) in the Osu-Klottey Sub-Metro of the Accra Metropolitan Area in the Greater Accra Region (GAR).

How many government hospitals are in Ghana?

170 of these health facilities are operated by the Ghana Health Service; 71 by missions; 281 by private institutions; and 8 by the Ashanti quasi-government.

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What is the difference between Ghana Health Services and Ministry of Health?

The Ministry of Health (MoH) is the government ministry of Ghana that is responsible for the health of Ghana. … However, with the enactment of an ACT 525 of parliament, the functions of promotion, preventive, curative and rehabilitative care has been delegated to the Ghana Health Service and Teaching hospitals.

What are the 3 key function of Ministry of Health?

To empower community for maintaining, promoting their health. To improve comprehensive health services delivery actions. To strengthen stewardship management functions. To improve the management of human resources.

What are the courses in Legon?


  • Bachelor of Arts.
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts.
  • Bachelor of Law.
  • Bachelor of Science in Administration.
  • Bachelor of Science in Agriculture.
  • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.
  • Bachelor of Science in Engineering (Agricultural, Biomedical, Computer, Food Process, Materials)

What is a Legon?

Legon , a suburb of the Ghanaian city Accra, is situated about north-east of the city center in the Accra Metropolis District, a district in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana. Legon is home to the main campus of the University of Ghana. Ghanaians loosely refer to the University of Ghana simply as “Legon”.

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