Question: How much is Galaxy S8 in Nigeria?

You can purchase a unit of Samsung Galaxy S8 in Nigeria for between N120,000 and N150,000 in some of the popular brick and mortar stores in the country.

How much is Samsung S8 in Nigeria?

Samsung Galaxy S8 Price and Availability

Samsung Galaxy S8 Price in Nigeria ranges from 78,000 Naira to 110,000 Naira depending on your location in Nigeria.

How much is a Galaxy S8 worth now?

The Galaxy S8 is worth $45 to $240 based on the condition and device carrier. *Price subject to change.

How much is Samsung S8+ in Naira?

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Price in Nigeria ranges from 155,000 Naira to 250,000 Naira depending on your location in Nigeria.

How much is Samsung S9 in Nigeria?

The price of Samsung Galaxy S9 in Nigeria ranges from N120,000 to N190,000 in leading phone stores in the country.

Is the Samsung S8 waterproof?

Because the Galaxy S8 and S8+ feature the same IP68-rated water and dust resistance you’ve come to expect from Galaxy phones. *Water resistant up to 1.5 meters of water for 30 minutes.

How much is S20 Ultra in Nigeria?

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G Price is starting at $1400 in global market price and the price in Nigeria is between N500,000 – 577,000 in Nigerian naira. The Samsung S20 Ultra cost 219261ZAR in South Africa.

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Is S8 worth buying in 2020?

Overall. A beautiful display, good battery life, first-rate build quality and snappy performance make the Samsung Galaxy S8 worth it in 2020. Newer flagships might be fancier, but they are so much more expensive their extra features become pointless. … In any case, the S8 would be cheaper anyway, so we’d choose the S8.

How much is a used S8?

Here’s how much your old Samsung Galaxy phone is worth now

Model Original price Flipsy resale value
Galaxy S8 (2017) $750 $242
Galaxy S8+ (2017) $850 $225
Galaxy S9 (2018) $720 $316
Galaxy S9+ (2018) $840 $360

How much is a cracked S8 worth?

For example, a Galaxy S8 in good condition is worth $117.

Find out how much a broken Galaxy S8 is worth.

Galaxy S8 Plus $23

How much is Samsung S8+ brand new?

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus – Uganda

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Price Start From UGX. 2,053,200 to UGX. 2,407,200. Samsung galaxy S8 Plus comes with Android 8.1, 6.2 inches AMOLED Display, Snapdragon 835 Chipset, Dual Rear and 8MP Selfie Cameras, 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM.

How much is Galaxy A70 in Nigeria?

Samsung Galaxy A70 Price and Availability

Samsung Galaxy A70 price in Nigeria starts at around 140,000 Naira (~ $368) depending on your location. The Galaxy A70 price starts at around 34,000 KSh in Kenya.

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