Question: Is Olymp trade legit in Nigeria?

Olymp Trade is the most known broker for making money online in Nigeria. There are no restrictions or bans for trading with Olymp Trade in Nigeria. It is a fully legal and legit company.

How do I withdraw money from Olymp Trade in Nigeria?

How to Withdraw Money on Olymp Trade in Nigerian

  1. Log into your Olymp Trade account.
  2. Look to the top right corner of your dashboard and click on “Withdrawal“.

Can I fund my Olymp Trade account with Nigerian naira?

If you have a bank account with Naira Bank, you can use your Naira Bank Debit/Credit Card to deposit funds into your trading account. Once you have done this, you can start trading Forex and other assets in Olymp Trade immediately.

Is Olymp Trade trustworthy?

Olymp Trade is one of the most known online trading platform which allows people to invest less and earn big. The platform has been serving customers since 2014 and has proven to be reliable for people interested in online trading.

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Can Nigerians use Olymp Trade?

Meaning that trading binary options is legal in Nigeria and Nigerians can be rest assured dealing with Olymp Trade as they are a registered and regulated company.

Can Olymp Trade make you rich?

The Olymp Trade system allows you to earn up to 90 percent profit with minimum investment. … The minimum trade requirement is $1, which could help you earn up to 80 percent profit from your investment on a regular account, and up to 90 percent on a VIP account.

How much can you withdraw from Olymp Trade?

There are NO limits on how much you can withdraw from your account, but the minimum amount is $10. Over 90% of withdrawal requests are processed in less than 1 business day. Having Expert status with Olymp Trade guarantees 1 business day withdrawals.

Is Olymp trade banned in Nigeria?

However, the main regulatory body for stock exchange in Nigeria, the Nigerian Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC is yet to come up with sufficient framework to regulate online trading like fixed time trades or Forex trading. … But this does not make online trading illegal in Nigeria.

How long does it take for money to deposit in Olymp trade?

The first deposit at Olymp Trade. Make sure you have at least 2 weeks trading Demo. If you demo less than 2 weeks, don’t ever deposit any money into your account. Two weeks is enough for you to know and understand this hybrid-gambling game.

Conclusion: Olymp Trade is legal in India

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As a result of our review, we can promise you that Olymp Trade is legal in India and there are no bans or restrictions. Olymp Trade is a regulated company with millions of customers. The platform gives you the chance to earn money in the financial markets.

Which is better Olymp trade or Binomo?

Olymp Trade vs Binomo Comparison. Both of these brokers offer trading on user friendly trading platforms. … Both brokers offer a similar maximum payout rate for their High/Low trading format, however Olymp Trade has a higher maximum payout rate for its Classic format.

Who is the owner of Olymp trade?

The “Olymp Trade” brand belongs to Saledo Global LLC, which is registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The company has 20 mln. customers worldwide and seeks to make Forex trading transparent and affordable to everyone.

Is Olymp trade a gambling?

Olymp Trade is a casino.

You will place your bet based on your prediction. (ii) If you trade Forex, Olymp Trade plays a role as the broker. For example, all players will play together and the Bookmaker will be the dealer – only charge small amounts of commission money for each game.

What is risk free trade in Olymp trade?

What Is a Risk-free Trade? This is a trader’s right to make a trade with a certain amount of money without risking any funds. If the forecast is correct the user receives the profit they have made. But if it’s wrong, the amount of a risk-free trade is returned to the trader’s account.

How does Olymp trade make money?

They open transactions for one hour and each trader invests $100. The total amount of money contributed to the market is 20,000. The return for the EURUSD currency pair on the Olymp Trade platform is 82%. … 100 traders who opened up positions win.

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