Question: What can be imported into Nigeria?

What can I import and sell in Nigeria?

Now let’s take a look at some of the hottest products you can import from China and sell in Nigeria.

  1. Furniture. China made furniture are very good and better finished that the local ones. …
  2. Children’s Toys. …
  3. Sealing Machines. …
  4. Fashion Items. …
  5. Electronic Gadgets. …
  6. Fancy Ceiling Pendants. …
  7. Household Utensils. …
  8. Building Materials.

What can you not bring into Nigeria?

10 Things Nigerian Customs Must Not Find In Your Baggage

  • Fresh or Preserved Foods. …
  • Jewellery and Precious Metals. …
  • Hard Drugs. …
  • Guns, Firearms and Explosives. …
  • Sharp Objects. …
  • Money. …
  • Gifts and Souvenirs Exceeding a Value of N50,000.00. …
  • Pharmaceutical products.

What foods do Nigeria import?

Nigeria relies on imports to meet its food and agricultural product needs (mostly wheat, rice, poultry, fish, food services, consumer-oriented foods, etc.) worth about $10 billion annually. Europe, Asia, the United States, South America and South Africa are major sources for agricultural imports.

What goods are contraband in Nigeria?

Full List of Contraband Goods/Items in Nigeria

  • The egg of birds.
  • Beet sugar or cane.
  • Chemically pure sucrose that is in solid form, and contains flavouring or colouring.
  • Powder and cakes , cocoa butter.
  • Spaghetti or noodles.
  • Vegetable oils and fats that are refined.
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What product sells fast in Nigeria?

Electronics remains one of the highest demand products to sell in Nigeria. There are top electronic brands such as Samsung, LG, Sony, TCL, Canon etc. Below are some electronic products that are fast selling in this country. Television and videos: LED TVs, Smart TVs, Televisions, DVD players, PlayStation.

What is the best product to sell online in Nigeria?

There are many fastest selling products in Nigeria, which you can sell online and make huge profits from it.

  • Hair Wig and Extension.
  • Jewelry.
  • 5.Computer and Accessories:
  • Phone and Accessories.
  • Camera and Safety Products.
  • Kitchen Utensils.
  • Fashion Products.
  • Baby Accessories.

How much cash can you carry legally in Nigeria?

Currency Export regulations:

Foreign currencies: up to USD 5,000. -. Exceeding amounts must be declared upon departure. Non-residents: local currency: up to NGN 5,000.

Can I have a gun in Nigeria?

Any person in Nigeria, who is above eighteen years and wishes to possess a firearm, can apply. The applicant must be physically fit and mentally stable. He/she must have a clean criminal record.

Is stockfish banned in Nigeria?

The Norwegian Seafood Council has protested the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN’s inclusion of stockfish in the list of banned goods to be imported into the country. … The council recounted that stockfish is not found in Nigerian waters and will in no way affect the local content policy of the country.

Is rice banned in Nigeria?

The federal government on Tuesday emphasised the ban on rice importation into Nigeria. … The Illela border was reopened by dignitaries from Nigeria and Niger Republic. Mr Ma’aji said that the border reopening was being monitored to ensure sanity. He said border closure was in the interest of Nigerians.

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Is rice import banned in Nigeria?

Rice imports remain banned through the land borders – Customs. The Nigerian Customs Service (NCS) said on Sunday that it effect a total ban on the importation of rice into the country by 2017.

What do Nigerians import the most?

Imports: The top imports of Nigeria are Refined Petroleum ($10B), Cars ($1.57B), Wheat ($1.48B), Laboratory Glassware ($1.45B), and Packaged Medicaments ($1.32B), importing mostly from China ($15.5B), Netherlands ($5.91B), India ($3.76B), United States ($3.22B), and Belgium ($2.81B).

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