Question: What is surname in Kenya?

Mwangi (633,977) Maina (450,347) Otieno (425,223) Kamau (373,371) Njoroge (291,168)

What is the most common surname in Kenya?

Most Common Last Names In Kenya

Rank Surname Frequency
1 Otieno 1:84
2 Mohamed 1:93
3 Mwangi 1:96
4 Odhiambo 1:132

How do Kenyan names work?

A child is usually given at least three names – one selected by the parents, one selected by the maternal grandparents and one selected by the paternal grandparents. This varies from one community to another. Traditional Kenyan communities use a patronym or matronym naming system.

What is surname and name?

Surname is defined as the family or last name. An example of a surname is Smith when the person’s full name is John Smith. … A name shared in common to identify the members of a family, as distinguished from each member’s given name.

Is first or last name surname?

In the English-speaking world, a surname is commonly referred to as a last name because it is usually placed at the end of a person’s full name, after any given names. In many parts of Asia and in some parts of Europe and Africa, the family name is placed before a person’s given name.

Who is famous in Kenya?

Top 10 Famous Kenyan people

  1. Wangari Maathai. …
  2. Jomo Kenyatta. …
  3. Mwai Kibaki. …
  4. Richard Leakey. …
  5. Raila Odinga. …
  6. Uhuru Kenyatta. …
  7. Ngugi Wa Thiong’o. …
  8. Mohamed Amin.
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Which is the most beautiful tribe in Kenya?

1. Kamba. According to numerous dialogues and responses from Kenyans, Kamba ladies are one of the most beautiful women tribe in Kenya. Certainly, this is because a vast majority of the ladies are glamorous, hence rank as the champions of beauty countrywide.

What are common Kenyan names?

11 Beautiful Kenyan Names and What They Mean

  • Akinyi. From the Luo tribe on the shores of Lake Victoria, Akinyi is a girls name meaning “one who was born in the morning.” …
  • Zawadi. This is a Swahili name used across the country for girls. …
  • Chepkirui. …
  • Makena. …
  • Wawuda. …
  • Naserian. …
  • Wawira. …
  • Kerubo.

Is Kenya a girl name?

The name Kenya is a girl’s name of Russian, African origin. Kenya, a name borrowed from the East African nation and theoretically unisex, is now used mostly for girls. While it’s had its ups and downs since entering the US Top 1000 in 1968, it currently ranks lower than spelling variant Kenia.

What is the rarest last name?

The Rarest Last Names

  • Acker (old English origin) meaning “field”.
  • Agnello (Italian origin) meaning “lamb”. …
  • Alinsky (Russian origin), a truly unique surname to find.
  • Aphelion (Greek origin) meaning “point of the orbit at the greatest distance from the sun”.
  • Bartley (English origin) meaning “clearing in woodland”.

What is your surname?

Your surname is your family name. It’s also called your “last name.” When filling out applications, type your surname as it appears on your passport, travel or identity document.

Why is it called surname?

Surnames were originally added to people’s first names to distinguish them from other people who had the same first name locally e.g. Robert the baker or Robert at the wood. … Ironically the surname Telford is derived from a Norman nickname “taille fer,” meaning ‘cuts iron’, indicating a possessor of great strength.

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