Question: When was Nigeria Communication Commission established?

What does NCC stand for in Nigeria?

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) is the independent regulatory authority for the telecommunications industry in Nigeria. The NCC was created under Decree number 75 by the [Federal Military Government of Nigeria] on 24 November 1992.

What is the function of NCC?

Functions of the NCC

The protection and promotion of the interests of consumers against unfair practices including but not limited to matters relating to tariffs and charges for and the availability and quality of communications services, equipment and facilities.

Who owns NCC?

NCC (company)

Type Aktiebolag
Key people CEO Tomas Carl Georg Carlsson
Products Residential, commercial and infrastructure developments
Revenue 53,9 billion SEK (2020)
Number of employees 14,500 (2020)

What is the full meaning of NCCC in Nigeria?

About the NCC

The Nigerian Communications Commission is the independent National Regulatory Authority for the telecommunications industry in Nigeria.

What is the full meaning of NFF?

Acronym. Definition. NFF. Nigeria Football Federation (formerly Nigeria Football Association)

How is NCC funded?

Environment and Climate Change Canada provides funding for the program, which is managed by NCC. Local land trusts (“Other Qualified Organizations”), including Ducks Unlimited Canada, have participated in the program. Federal funding is matched with non-federal funding or land donations by NCC and partners.

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What does NCC pay graduates?

From our gathering, an entry-level graduate at level 8 earns about N94,000 monthly before confirmation of appointment and that figure could rise to N120,000 after confirmation of an appointment.

What is the NCC symbol/insignia? It is the NCC Crest in gold in the middle, with the letters “NCC”; encircled by a wreath of seventeen lotus with a background in Red, Blue and Light blue.

What is the age limit for NCC?

What is the age limit for a student to join NCC? For SD/SW Cadets : Upto 24 years of age. 37.

What is NCC qualification?

Education Qualification: Candidates must possess Graduate Degree from recognized University or any equivalent qualification with aggregate of minimum 50% marks taking into account marks of all the years and minimum of ‘B’ Grade in ‘C’ Certificate Exam of NCC.

What is the mandate of NCC?

To ensure an efficient management including planning, coordination, allocation, assignment, registration, monitoring and use of scarce national resources in the communications sub-sector, including but not limited to frequency spectrum, numbers and electronic addresses, and also promote and safeguard national interests …

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