Question: Which country does Nigeria export groundnut to?

Nigeria produced 3,028,571 metric tons of peanuts according to the FAO report. Groundnuts account for 70% of the total export earnings for the country. Nigeria mainly exports its nuts to Indonesia and European Union.

Does Nigeria export groundnut?

Nigeria is the 3rd biggest producer of peanuts in the world, but its export of the groundnut is lagging behind. Both farmers and the government have worked hard to improve the quality of peanuts, focusing on oil yield and pest-resistant seeds. Nigeria is the largest peanut producer in Africa.

Which state is the largest producer of groundnut in Nigeria?

The major groundnut producing states are Kano, Katsina, Kaduna, Jigawa, Sokoto, Zamfara and Kebbi in the Northwest; Adamawa, Bauchi, Yobe and Borno in the Northeast; and Benue, Plateau, Taraba, Nasarawa, FCT Abuja, Kogi, Niger and Kwara in the Central Zone.

Which state is famous for groundnuts?

Gujarat tops with 27.87 percent of total production followed by Andhra Pradesh 24.19 percent, Tamil Nadu 14.84 Percent and Karnataka 1095 percent. Though other states like Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Orissa, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal are the important groundnut producing states.

How do groundnut grow in Nigeria?

The seed can be planted either on a ridge or on a flat surface. The seeds should be placed at a 5 to 6 cm depth. The spacing dimension is 75cm between rows and 25cm within rows. Groundnut can be rotated with other crops like cereals and guinea corn.

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How much is a bag of groundnut in Nigeria?

So, the price for a bag of groundnut in Nigeria currently stands at N25,000, it may change with time.

How many types of groundnuts are there?

Indian groundnuts are available in different varieties: Bold or Runner, Java or Spanish and Red Natal. The main Groundnut varieties produced in India are Kadiri-2, Kadiri-3, BG-1, BG-2, Kuber , GAUG-1, GAUG-10, PG-1 , T-28, T-64, Chandra, Chitra, Kaushal, Parkash, Amber etc.

Which soil is suitable for groundnut?

Groundnut plants need well drained sandy loam or clay loam soil for better performance. The soil should be deep and the pH of the soil should be around 5.5 to 7 with high fertility index. It is observed that heavy soil is unsuitable for cultivation because of difficulty in harvesting and pod loss.

Which country is famous for peanuts?

As of 2019, China was the largest producer of peanuts worldwide, holding an estimated 36 percent share of global production. India ranked second that year, producing about 14 percent of the world’s peanuts.

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