Question: Which Huawei phone is the cheapest in Nigeria?

What is the best and cheapest Huawei phone?

Best Huawei phones

  1. Huawei P30 Pro. The P30 Pro is the best Huawei phone you can buy right now. …
  2. Huawei Mate 20 Pro. An outstanding all-round handset. …
  3. Huawei P30. Another top Huawei phone. …
  4. Huawei Mate 40 Pro. Technically, a great Huawei handset. …
  5. Huawei P40 Pro. …
  6. Huawei P40. …
  7. Huawei Mate 30 Pro. …
  8. Huawei P40 Pro Plus.

How much is Huawei Y8P in Nigeria?

Huawei Y8P Price and Availability

The price of the Huawei Y8P is around $262, which is about 102,185 Naira, 28,062 Kenyan money, 1,510 Ghana Cedis. The Huawei Y8P was announced on May 18 2020 and is expected to go on sale later in May.

Is Huawei better than Samsung?

When it comes to pure hardware and performance each phone has its plusses here. Samsung has the sharper display, and bigger battery, but Huawei has much faster charging and more impressive camera capabilities. Samsung has the higher resolution screen, and it also has arguably the ultimate trump card: proper Android.

Is it safe to buy a Huawei phone?

HUAWEI phones and laptops are still safe to use and buy despite the Government’s decision to ban new 5G tech from the Chinese telecommunications giant. … But new phone models won’t have access to Google or Microsoft apps, security officials have confirmed. The US previously stopped tech companies working with Huawei.

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How much is Huawei P30 Pro in Nigeria?

Huawei P30 Pro price in Nigeria starts at around 282,000 Naira. You can buy the smartphone at leading online stores in the country.

How much is Huawei 8yp?

Huawei Y8p specs:

Specs Huawei Y8p
Colors Midnight Black and Breathing Crystal
Launch Date September 2, 2020
Price ₱12,999.00 – Official Price in the Philippines
Buy Online Huawei Y8p on Lazada Huawei Y8p on Shopee

How much does Huawei Y8p cost?

Huawei Y8p price in Kenya is 23,700 shillings. The Y8p has the following features – 4 GB RAM, 128GB internal storage, 4000 mAh battery, and a triple 48MP main camera.

Can Huawei beat Samsung?

Huawei shipped 55.8 million devices in the quarter, which is down 5% year-over-year but still enough to beat Samsung, which shipped 53.7 million smartphones in Q2. For Samsung, that’s a decrease of 30% compared to Q2 2019, the report says. … But Huawei’s reliance on the China market has given it a boost, reports Canalys.

Why are Huawei phones so bad?

Huawei has faced allegations, primarily from the United States and its allies, that its wireless networking equipment could contain backdoors enabling surveillance by the Chinese government. … Huawei exited the U.S. market due to these concerns, which had also made U.S. wireless carriers reluctant to sell its products.

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