Question: Who built Aso Rock in Abuja?

President Ibrahim Babangida, who took office in 1985, commenced construction of a new Presidential residence and in 1991 the Aso Rock Presidential Villa was completed and President Babangida became the first Head of State to occupy it, in on December 12, 1991.

Why is it called Aso Rock?

The Aso Rock is a 400-metre (1,300 ft) prominent monolith with a peak height of 936-metre (3,071 ft) above sea level. It is one of the city’s most noticeable features. … Much of the city extends to the south of the rock. “Aso” means victorious in the native language of the Asokoro (“the people of victory”) ethnic group.

Who is the leader of Nigeria?

Where does the vice president of Nigeria live?

Vice President of Nigeria

Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria
Style Mr. Vice President His Excellency The Honourable
Member of Federal Executive Council National Economic Council National Security Council
Residence Akinola Aguda House
Seat Abuja, F.C.T.

Who is the real father of Obasanjo?

How much is President salary?

In 2017, the salary of the President was increased to Rs 5 lakh from 1.5 lakh a month. As per his current salary, he draws Rs 60 lakhs per annum.

What is the name of our Vice President?

Who designed the Nigerian flag?

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