Quick Answer: How do I find my Orange Cameroon number?

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How do I find my orange number Cameroon?

How To Check Your Orange Number in Cameroon

  1. Dial the code #997#
  2. Press Ok to confirm.
  3. A USSD Prompt will display your Orange Number.

What is Orange Cameroon customer service number?

Orange provides customer support with staff who are available, qualified and attentive to your needs. Customer service can be reached by phone from your mobile at 8900. Orange also provides business customers with a dedicated line: 8900 from an Orange mobile or + 237 233 41 00 00. Orange customer service is open 24/7.

How do I find my Orange Money Code?

What is it all about? With Orange Money you can transfer money to all your loved ones, even to those without a mobile phone or an Orange Money electronic wallet. Dial #150#.

How do I check my data usage on Orange Cameroon?

Orange Cameroon is a driving force of the Telecommunication network companies in Cameroon as they have covered over 70% of the national territory.

Orange Cameroon USSD (Secret Short Codes) Codes.

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Check your phone number. #99#
Balance available on the internet #145*1#
Orange Money #150#

How do I find my Orange SIM number?

To Find your mobile no in Android you need to go to HOME > MENU > Settings > About Phone > Phone Identity > MY Phone Number.

Network Provider USSD dial CODES
Loop *222# *1# *001#
MTS SMS “NUM” to 51230
ORANGE Dial 450 and follow the instructions
Lebara *#100#

How do I activate data on Orange Cameroon?

You can now configure your Orange Sim with the latest APN for a faster 4G experience here.

All Orange Cameroon Latest USSD Short Codes And Data Bundles.

Customer service 950
Subscribe to Mobile Internet #145*2#
Mobile Internet Data Balance #145*1#
SOS Credit #133#
Orange Voicemail 999

How do I call Orange customer service?

*For existing customers seeking general information or requesting to add a service, please contact 110 from your Orange line or 012-2320-2110 from any line.

How do I configure Orange?

Automatic Internet Configuration

Type orange and send it to 932. You will then receive the settings as SMS. save it as default. Type 0000, if a code is asked.

How do I activate my Orange SMS on Cameroon?

Ready ? Start to use the SMS API

  1. Create your application. Click here to register your service and collect your unique Client ID and Client secret.
  2. Buy your SMS bundle. Purchase your SMS bundle to get started with your service.
  3. Send your SMS.

What is Orange Money account?

Orange Money is a service that enables customers to transfer money from their mobile phone to other account-holders across the country and, from certain countries, to users based abroad.

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How do I activate Orange SMS?

How To Activate Orange SMS (Code)

  1. Dial #131*1#
  2. Choose your SMS Pack according to your needs: 1 Day, 7 Days, and 30 Days.
  3. Press Send to activate your unlimited Orange SMS.
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