Quick Answer: How much is Abuja to Kwara?

The cheapest way to get from Abuja to Kwara is to fly which costs $95 – $170 and takes 2h 39m. How do I get from Abuja to Kwara the fastest? The fastest way to get from Abuja to Kwara is to fly. Taking this option will cost $95 – $170 and takes 2h 39m.

How much is Ilorin to Abuja by road?

The total cost of driving from Ilorin, Nigeria to Abuja, Nigeria (one-way) is $25.78 at current gas prices.

Which flight goes to Ilorin from Abuja?

Information of Abuja Ilorin Flight

Aerial distance 309 KM
Total flights from Abuja to Ilorin in a week 8 flights
First Flight Swiftair 402 , departs at 01:05 PM
Last Flight Overland Airways 1186 , departs at 03:00 PM
Popular Airlines from Abuja to Ilorin Swiftair and Overland Airways

How many hours journey is from Ilorin to Abuja?

Distance between Ilorin (Kwara) and Abuja (Abuja Federal Capital Territory) (Nigeria) Driving Distance: 459.35 km , Estimated Duration: 5 hours 6 minutes if average speed speed is 90km/hr.

How many minutes is Ilorin to Abuja by air?

Ilorin to Abuja flights will cost you a minimum of 0.

Information of Ilorin Abuja Flight.

Aerial distance 309 KM
Shortest Time of flights from Ilorin to Abuja 01h 00m
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Is there train from Lagos to Ilorin?

Is there a direct train between Lagos and Ilorin? Yes, there is a direct train departing from Lagos and arriving at Ilorin. Services depart once a week, and operate Friday. The journey takes approximately 10h 20m.

Does Kwara State have airport?

Ilorin International Airport (IATA: ILR, ICAO: DNIL) is an airport serving Ilorin, a city in Kwara State of Nigeria.

Ilorin International Airport
Elevation AMSL 1,126 ft / 343 m
Coordinates 8°26′25″N 4°29′40″ECoordinates: 8°26′25″N 4°29′40″E
ILR Location of the airport in Nigeria
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