Quick Answer: Is Bad Chad Customs for real?

1. The show is as real as it gets. The setting for the new show is in a small auto body shop in a rural town. … Chad is an expert at creating one of a kind cars that are simply made from the use of his vivid imagination and tremendous skill as an artisan and an auto builder.

Where did bad Chad get his money?

If you are curious as to how Chad Hiltz earns money, then the answer is car customization. He basically collects metal scraps of various things: cars, motorcycles, airplanes, etc. Through the scraps, he creates unique cars in his garage and eventually sells them at a high price to car fanatics.

Is Chad from Bad Chad Customs sick?

Is he sick? Fans of the show who’ve seen Aaron on the program are worried about his physical appearance and believe that the reality TV personality and builder could be ill. However, there’s nothing to suggest that Aaron is sick or suffering from any illnesses, including the dreaded COVID-19.

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Who Is Bad Chad’s wife?

Jolene on ‘Bad Chad Customs’ Is One Badass Businesswoman. The second season of Discovery Channel’s Bad Chad Customs is now in full swing, and viewers are becoming more invested in the lives of master builder Chad Hiltz and his girlfriend-turned-fiancée Jolene MacIntyre.

Where is Bad Chad from originally?

Introducing Bad Chad

Chad Hiltz is the son of Australian parents Doug and Patricia Hiltz, born in Kingsport, Nova Scotia, Canada. Amazingly enough, the details of Bad Chad’s childhood aren’t as well-publicized as those of some of his reality TV show contemporaries.

What is Bad Chad Customs net worth?

The Bad Chad Customs famed star has earned a huge amount from customing the cars and sourcing the parts from boats and airplanes. He has made an impressive net worth estimated at around $90 million from his customs work.

How much does Chad Hiltz make per episode?

In all reality, they’re probably making anywhere from $3k to $5k an episode of filming the show, in addition to profits from their custom cars. You can check out new episodes of the show Monday nights at 10 p.m. EST on Discovery Channel.

Does Chad have autism?

Chad is diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum

After many months, multiple doctors and appointments, Chad was diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum when he was three and a half years old.

What is Bad Chad’s last name?

Chad Hiltz aka “Bad Chad” was born on August 31, 1971, in Kingsport, Nova Scotia. Chad Hiltz is best known for his skill and now his new show will be aired on Discovery channel named “Bad Chad Customs” from January 2019 and he also owns a “Green Goblin Customs“.

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What is the tattoo on Bad Chad neck?

Colton Hiltz tattoo and net worth

In his right hand, the Bad Chad Customs star has inked “Green Goblin” while in the left there is a classic rose.

Is Bad Chad married?

Chad Hiltz: Not Married But Definitely Engaged

The love life of Chad Hiltz, aka Bad Chad, is going in the most pleasant ways possible as it hasn’t been long since he is engaged to his longtime girlfriend.

Is Chad Hiltz married?

Chad Hiltz Quick Facts

Name Chad Hiltz
Married Yes
Wife/Partner Jolene MacIntyre
Children Two
Nationality American

What did bad Chad get in trouble for?

One day a friend asked him to sell him some. Chad called up another friend and got it for him. Two months later, five of Chad’s friends and Chad were arrested for delivery of a controlled substance.

Who owns Bad Chad Customs?

Chad Hiltz runs the shop with his wife Jolene Macintyre. The couple are crazy about cars and have worked on some iconic rides over the years from a 1939 Studebaker Commander to a 1957 Cadillac Coupe Deville. Chad is the founder of Hiltz Auto Company which is where Bad Chad Customs is based.

Who is Jolene MacIntyre?

Jolene MacIntyre is the founder of Hiltz Auto Company, which she runs with her fiancé Chad Hiltz. When Jolene and Chad started dating, she had just graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce from Saint Mary’s University. … I spent a year investing my time in self-promoting what Chad does here.

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