Quick Answer: What bank does Zimbabwe use?

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe is the central bank of Zimbabwe headquartered in the capital city of Zimbabwe, Harare.

What is the best bank to use in Zimbabwe?

Stanbic Bank was named Best Bank in Zimbabwe 2020 by The Banker.

Is FNB Zimbabwe?

FNB is currently rolling out to other outlets in Zimbabwe. “FNB Cellphone Banking allows senders to transfer South African Rand to Zimbabwe, instantly wherever they are.

How many banks are in Zimbabwe?

The banking sector in Zimbabwe is composed of the Commercial banks, Building Societies, and the Savings Bank. In total there are 19 operating banks as of October 2019. The Banking sector is governed under the Banking Act and falls under the direct supervision of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe.

Which is the biggest bank in Zimbabwe?

Biggest Banks in Zimbabwe

  • Barclays Bank. Barclays Bank of Zimbabwe is one of the largest banks in the country and is listed on the Stock exchange. …
  • Standard Chartered. Standard Chatered was the first financial institution to be established in Zimbabwe. …
  • CBZ Bank. …
  • Cabs. …
  • Zb Bank. …
  • Stanbic. …
  • Steward Bank.
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How can I open a bank account in Zimbabwe?

Savings Account

  1. One colour passport size photograph.
  2. Original / copy of National ID (metal/plastic), driver’s licence or valid passport.
  3. Proof of residential address in the form of ZESA/Water/Tel One bill within 3 months in one’s own name or.
  4. A minimum opening balance is required.

Can I use my FNB App in Zimbabwe?

FNB’s Zimbabwe Money Transfer is an instant, easy and affordable money transfer service that allows FNB customers residing in South Africa to send money to an individual in Zimbabwe.

How long does a bank transfer take in Zimbabwe?

Usually within 1 working day.

Can you send money out of Zimbabwe?

It’s illegal to leave Zimbabwe with more than USD $2,000 (or equivalent) in cash, unless it is left over from funds which you have brought in yourself and declared on arrival.

Is there a Sun Trust bank in Zimbabwe?

Trust Banking Corporation (TBC), commonly referred to as Trust Bank, is a commercial bank in Zimbabwe. It is one of the commercial banks in the country, licensed by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, the national banking regulator.

Trust Banking Corporation.

Type Private company
Industry Financial services
Founded 1996
Headquarters Harare, Zimbabwe

Which is the best bank in Zambia?

Top Banks in Zambia

  • Standard Chartered Bank Zambia. …
  • Stanbic Bank (Zambia) …
  • Cavmont Bank Limited (CBL) …
  • Ecobank Zambia. …
  • Indo Zambia Bank. …
  • Investrust Bank. …
  • First Alliance Bank. …
  • Access Bank Zambia. Established in 2008, Access Bank Zambia serves individuals, SMEs, and companies in Zambia.

Is there African bank in Zimbabwe?

AFRICAN BANKING CORPORATION OF ZIMBABWE LTD is located in Harare, Zimbabwe and is part of the Depository Credit Intermediation Industry.

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Is there Standard bank in Zimbabwe?

Standard Chartered Zimbabwe (officially Standard Chartered Bank Zimbabwe Limited) is a commercial bank in Zimbabwe and a wholly owned subsidiary of Standard Chartered. It is licensed by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, the central bank and national banking regulator.

Who owns the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe?

Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe

Headquarters New Reserve Bank Tower, Harare, Zimbabwe
Ownership 100% state ownership
Governor John Mangudya
Central bank of Zimbabwe
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