Quick Answer: What is the price of simsim in Uganda?

Prices for Uganda sesame seeds have changed over time. Prior to 2019, 1 kilo of sesame seeds was going for US$0.78 in 2017 and US$1.26 in 2018. In 2019 the export price changed to $1.43 per kilo, by 13.59%.

How much is a kilogram of Simsim in Kampala?


Commodity Price Units
Sunflower Ugx WS 1,000/= RT 1,200/= kg
Tilapia Ugx WS 10,000/= RT 15,000/= Whole
Turkey Ugx WS 75,000/= RT 90,000/= Bird
Simsim Ugx WS 5,000/= RT 5,500/= kg

How much is sesame oil in Uganda?

Uganda sesame oil wholesale price

The price in Uganda Shilling is UGX 23214.29 per kg. The average price for a tonne is US$ 6500 in Jinja and Kampala.

How do I make my Sim grow up?

Simsim requires affine seed bed on well drained soils. Planting should also be done in periods when the rains have just started. Planting should also be by broadcasting at a seed rate of 6-8Kg/ha. If planted in rows a spacing of 30x10cm should be taken up.

In which season sesame is grown?

Soil Requirement for Sesame Farming:- The sesame crop grown as summer crop, Kharif crop and also as semi-rabi crop. Sesame thrives well on soils with neutral reaction (or) slightly acidic type.

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How much is a kilo of cowpeas in Uganda?

4 years ago . A kilo of meat is going for sh10,000.

Meat(per kilogram) 9,000 10,000
Matooke 25,000 30,000
Cowpeas(kilogram) 2,500 3,500-3800
Sweet potatoes(big tin) 15,000 20,000

How much is a kilo of hot pepper in Uganda?

Uganda pepper wholesale price

Uganda’s import price for pepper in 2019 was US$5.48 per kg.

How do you make sesame farms?

Prepare the Soil

But they grow best in well-drained light to medium textured soil. The ideal pH level for growing sesame plants is between 5.5 and 8.0. Acidic or alkaline soils are not suitable for growing sesame. For preparing the soil, 1-2 ploughing will be required (one deep ploughing) with 2-3 cross harrowing.

How much oil comes from 1 kg of sesame seeds?

How much oil can you press from one kilo oil seeds or nuts?

Pumpkin seed: Cucurbita sp 0,4 liter
Safflower: Carthamus tinctorius 0,2 liter
Sesame seed (sim sim): Sesamum indicum 0,5 liter

Why practice of ragging in paddy is more harmful?

For rabbing 15-20 cm thick layer of leaves, weeds or paddy straw is uniformly spread over the soil surface and then it is burnt. The rabbing burns established weeds, stubble’s, weeds-seeds and kills the insect-pests found on the surface-soil besides improving physical properties of the soil.

Is pigeon pea a pulse crop?

Introduction Pigeonpea (Arhar) commonly known as red gram or tur is a very old crop of this country. After gram, arhar is the second most important pulse crop in the country. … Crop Status India ranked first in area and production in the world with 79.65% and 67.28% of world’s acreage and production respectively.

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