Quick Answer: What is the total number of physicians in Kenya?

As of 2019, Kenya had 12,090 registered medical doctors, resulting in a ratio of 25 physicians per 100,000 population. The number of medical officers has been gradually increasing in the country.

Which country has the highest number of practicing physicians per 1000 population?

According to the most recent OECD data, Italy has 4 doctors per 1,000 of its population while Spain has 3.9.

How many doctors graduate every year in Kenya?

The college has over 300 faculty and annually graduates 280 doctors—more than half of all Kenyan doctors introduced into the workforce each year—and 61 pharmacists, 30 dentists, and 38 nurses.

How many pediatricians are there in Kenya?

Paediatrician numbers

According to the records of the Kenya Paediatric Association, in 2019 there are a total of 601 registered paediatricians.

Which country has highest number of doctors?

The Countries With the Most Doctors

  1. Russia. Number of physicians per thousand: 4.31. …
  2. Spain. Number of physicians per thousand: 3.96. …
  3. Italy. Number of physicians per thousand: 3.8. …
  4. Germany. Number of physicians per thousand: 3.69. …
  5. Ukraine. Number of physicians per thousand: 3.52. …
  6. France. …
  7. North Korea. …
  8. Argentina.
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Which country has no hospital?

The Countries With The Fewest Doctors In The World

Rank Country Physicians per Million People
1 Liberia 14
2 Malawi 19
3 Niger 19
4 Ethiopia 22

What country has the lowest number of doctors?

As of that year, Niger was one of the countries with the lowest number of physicians per inhabitants.

Selected countries with the lowest physicians density worldwide as of 2016 (per 1,000 population)*

Characteristic Physicians per 1,000 population
Gambia 0.1
Guinea 0.1
DR Congo 0.1

How many people graduate yearly in Kenya?

The figure may appear relatively low, but considering that Kenyan Universities conduct graduation ceremonies biannually, more than 50,000 students graduate every year.

Does Kenya have access to clean water?

WASH in numbers. 59% of people in Kenya have access to safe drinking water. 29% of people in Kenya have access to improved sanitation facilities. … We also provided WASH facilities for over 600 schools in 2020, to help with reopening.

How many Level 5 hospitals are there in Kenya?

In Kenya, we have 12 Level 5 public hospitals.

Who is the best doctor in Kenya?

Best Doctors in Kenya

  • Dr. Dan K. …
  • Dr. Anthony K. …
  • Dr. Premanand Ponoth – Cardiothoracic & Vascular Surgeon. …
  • Dr. Shrikant Panchal – Cardiac Anaesthesiologist. …
  • Dr. Ruot Garjiek Teny Yok – Physician and Cardiology Fellow. …
  • Dr. Baseem Mikhail – Cardiologist. …
  • Dr. Betty M.

How much does a pediatrician earn in Kenya?

How much money does a Pediatrician make in Kenya? A person working as a Pediatrician in Kenya typically earns around 373,000 KES per month. Salaries range from 183,000 KES (lowest) to 582,000 KES (highest). This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.

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Who is the No 1 doctor in the world?

1. Dr. William A. Abdu, M.D, M.S.

Which country is the most advanced in medicine?

For years, the USA was the number one on the lists of most advanced countries in medicine. However, nowadays advanced medical technology has redesigned and developed healthcare systems in Asian and European countries as well, and some shifts on the lists of most medically advanced countries are a possible outcome.

Who is the best surgeon in the world 2020?

Luke’s Episcopal Hospital.

  • Russell M. …
  • Gazi Yasargil, MD, Neurosurgery. …
  • Thomas Starzl, MD, PhD, Transplant Surgery. …
  • Jean-Michel Dubernard, MD, Transplant Surgery. …
  • Robert F. …
  • Syed Modasser Ali, FRCS, Ophthalmology. …
  • Ioannis Pallikaris, MD, Ophthalmology. …
  • Maria Siemionow, MD, PhD, Plastic Surgery.
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