Quick Answer: When can I plant maize in Nigeria?

For market and demand reasons, it is better to start your maize farm within the early planting season. The optimum planting date is between 15th March and 15th May.

What month do you plant maize?

Early season maize in the Forest zone is usually planted between the middle of March and the first week of April. However, because of changing rainfall pattern, maize sowing is recommended to be done as soon as soil conditions and temperature are favourable and the rainfall is well established.

What is the early planting date of maize in Nigeria?

EARLY SEASON (i) In the Forest zone, the optimum planting date is between 15 March and 1 April, although planting could be done as soon as rainfall becomes steady. (ii) In the Derived Savannah zone, plant as soon as the rainfall becomes steady, between 1-30 April.

Does maize need a lot of water?

A fully grown maize crop will need more water than a maize crop which has just been planted. … When the plants are very small the evaporation will be more important than the transpiration. When the plants are fully grown the transpiration is more important than the evaporation.

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Which is the best fertilizer for planting maize?

The standard fertilizer recommendation for maize consists of 150 kg ha1 NPK 14–23–14 and 50 kg ha1 urea (Dugué 2010). Composite soil samples were collected at 0–20 cm depth after plowing and before fertilizer application.

What is the correct spacing for maize?

Fourth, for good growth and development, maize should be planted at the right spacing. The recommended spacing is 75cm between rows and 25cm for plants. The planting holes should be about 5cm deep. The right spacing ensures good crop growth, makes it easier to weed and reduces the spread of pests and diseases.

How long does maize take to harvest?

Indicatively, the average duration of a manual maize harvest varies from 120 to 200 man-hours ( 15-25 man-days) per hectare. Shucking the ears, that is, the removal of the husks covering the ears, may be done by hand or by machine at the same time as the harvest.

Which soil is best for maize?

Maize can be grown successfully in variety of soils ranging from loamy sand to clay loam. However, soils with good organic matter content having high water holding capacity with neutral pH are considered good for higher productivity.

How do I start a maize farm?

How to Start Maize Farming

  1. Select a Location. First of all, select a good location for maize farming. …
  2. Prepare the Soil. …
  3. Climate Requirements for Maize Farming. …
  4. Best Time for Maize Farming. …
  5. Select a Type. …
  6. Purchase Seeds. …
  7. Seeds per Acre. …
  8. Planting.
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Which climate is suitable for maize?

It is a hot season crop. Night and day temperatures should be higher for its deposition. The maize crop requires sufficient moisture in the soil since its inception. Temperature of 18 to 23 degree Celsius for deposition and 28 degree Celsius temperature is considered good for growth and development.

Should you water corn everyday?

Corn has deep roots, so you need to water long enough that water reaches a depth of 30–36 inches. Because corn benefits from deep, soaking watering, it’s best to water once per week rather than daily, as this ensures adequate soil moisture.

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