Quick Answer: Who is on the 20 Naira note?

This green-coloured polymer banknote of ₦20 shows the portrait of Army General Murtala Muhammed on the front side. The back side shows Lady Kwali, Nigerian pottery artist, who was awarded an MBE in 1962. Do you have a 20 Nigerian Naira banknote (General Murtala Muhammed)?

Who is in front of 20 Naira note?

The 20 Naira note

The 20 Naira note carries the face of the late Murtala Mohammed, a former military Head of State who was assassinated in a failed coup led by B.S Dimka. The busiest airport in Nigeria, located in Lagos, is also named after Murtala Mohammed.

Who is the person in 20 Naira?

His contribution earned him the honour of being on the #10 currency. The #20 note has the portrait of Murtala Mohammed. Murtala Mohammed was Nigeria’s Head of State between 1975 and 1976 when he was killed in a coup.

Who is on 100 naira note?

The 100 naira note became a legal tender in Nigeria in January, 1973, according to History Ville. Since then, the portrait of Obafemi Awolowo has been its adorning.

What is the name of the woman at the back of 20 naira?

Ladi Kwali is featured on back of the 20 naira note. Her pots became art objects and were also featured in international exhibitions of Abuja pottery organised by Cardew in 1958, 1959 and 1962. Her pottery was also displayed during Nigeria’s independence celebrations in 1960.

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How much is $100 US in Nigeria?

Are you overpaying your bank?

Conversion rates US Dollar / Nigerian Naira
10 USD 3880.00000 NGN
20 USD 7760.00000 NGN
50 USD 19400.00000 NGN
100 USD 38800.00000 NGN

Who is in 10 Naira note?

Alvan Ikoku is the man on the 10 naira note.

Who introduced 50 Naira note in Nigeria?

The Central Bank of Nigeria started issuing these 50 Nigerian Naira banknotes in 1991. They were withdrawn from circulation in 2009.

How do I convert EFX to naira?

EFX to NGN Conversion Table

  1. EFX. = 8.52 NGN.
  2. EFX. = 17.03 NGN.
  3. EFX.
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