What are the major challenges facing educational supervision in Nigeria?

The issues and challenges of educational supervision in Nigerian secondary schools is critical and manifested in poor quality of language skills among teachers and students, awful academic performance, pitiable skill acquisition and incompetence of secondary school leavers from educational institutions have become …

What are the challenges of supervision?

Following are the main problems of supervision:

  • Position of the supervisor in supervision: …
  • Not enough authority in supervision: …
  • Labor union pressures in Supervision: …
  • Supervision is prone to criticism: …
  • Inadequate time in supervision: …
  • Educational level of the supervisor:

What are the challenges facing the education system today?

Examples of current educational issues

  • Technology and education.
  • Government policies and spending.
  • Assessment and attainment.
  • School reform.
  • Health and child development.
  • Education and the curriculum.

What are the five main functions of educational supervisor?

Functions of Educational Supervision:

  • Providing leadership.
  • Formulating policies.
  • Studying the teaching-learning situation.
  • Improving the teaching-learning situation.
  • Improving the personnel.
  • Improving human relations.
  • Improving the group interaction.
  • Improving the product of education.
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What aspect of supervision is most difficult?

The Toughest Parts of Being a Supervisor

  • Refuses to get with the system. …
  • Performance is not up to Standards. …
  • Other Miscellaneous Issues. …
  • Question No. …
  • Themes from Question No. …
  • Emotional Confrontation. …
  • Don’t Understand the Law & Regulations. …
  • Lack of Support from Upper Management.

What are the barriers to supervision?

According to Sonja Zorga , there are some common barriers to effective supervision:

  • Lack of communication.
  • Difficulties in confrontation.
  • Lack of trust.
  • Can’t give/take criticism.
  • Close-minded.
  • Inconsistent.
  • Need to be liked.
  • Too critical.

What is the biggest problem of our educational system?

The biggest problem with our education system is a requirement of seat time, aka The Carnegie Unit. In a nutshell, the global education system is planned based on seat time more than learning.

What are problems faced by students?

Problems May Include, But are Not Limited to:

  • Disorganization/feeling overwhelmed.
  • Eating right and staying healthy.
  • Failing to manage money.
  • Failing to network.
  • Homesickness.
  • Not resolving relationship issues.
  • Poor grades/not studying or reading enough.
  • Poor sleep habits.

What are the qualities of an educational supervisor?

Educational Supervision is creative in nature: supervision is a creative and dynamic expert technical service. and superior skills. It gives coordination, direction and guidance to teaches’ activities. professionalism among the teachers.

What are the qualities of a supervisor?

Skills a good supervisor may possess

  • Communication skills.
  • Approachability and empathy.
  • Management skills.
  • Adaptability.
  • Confidence and positivity.
  • Transparency.
  • Teamwork.
  • Willingness to learn.

What is the role of an educational supervisor?

The Educational Supervisor is responsible for the trainee’s Educational Agreement.” The ES role is to help the student or trainee to plan their training and achieve agreed learning outcomes. … Some training schemes appoint an ES for each training placement.

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What are the six challenges that face managers?

The Top Fifteen Challenges Facing Managers Today

  • Uncertainty about the Future.
  • Wellbeing of Employees.
  • Tracking Team Productivity.
  • Shaping Company Culture.
  • Recruiting and Onboarding the Right Employees.
  • Supporting Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace.
  • Managing Communication Between Teams.
  • Regulation & Compliance.

Is it hard to be a supervisor?

So what is a supervisor to do? It is hard to be a great supervisor. It is challenging to be open to feedback, to truly listen, to put in the time needed to prepare for check-ins, to stand by difficult decisions, and to give critical feedback in a constructive way to those you supervise.

What is your biggest challenge as a manager?

Communicating effectively with employees

This creates one of the biggest challenges for managers – bridging the distance with effective and timely communication skills. Good managers need to develop advanced listening and speaking skills as they play a huge role in the success of their team.

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