What is 100 naira in Igbo language?

How do you say 100 in Igbo?

Igbo numbering rules

Hundreds are formed by setting the multiplier digit after the word for hundred (nnari), except for one hundred: nnari [100], nnari abụọ [200], nnari atọ [300], nnari anọ [400], nnari ise [500]…

What is 1000 naira in Igbo language?

Igbo numbers

Numeral Cardinal
900 narị iteghete / itenanị / itoolu
1,000 otu puku
2,000 puku abụọ
3,000 puku atọ

What is NDE in Igbo?

English to Igbo Meaning :: million

Million : nde. Pronunciation: Add to Favorite: noun : nde Million – nde Million :: nde Millions :: ọtụtụ nde Millionth :: ya nde Millionths :: millionths.

What is Garri called in Igbo?

Garri: Dried cassava flour Garri (also known as “garry“, “tapioca”) is a popular West African food made from cassava tubers. The spelling ‘gari’ is mainly used in Nigeria, Cameroon and Ghana.

How can I count my Igbo number?

Numbers Igbo Language Vocabulary

  1. Numbers | Ordinal.
  2. count – gụọ
  3. 0 zero – ncha/ adigi / okpokoro / efu (Note: Many disagree about the meaning of zero in Igbo.)
  4. 1 one – otu / ofu.
  5. 2 two – abụọ
  6. 3 three – atọ
  7. 4 four – anọ
  8. 5 five – ise.

Is Igbo a written language?

The modern Igbo alphabet (Igbo: Mkpụrụ Edemede Igbo), otherwise known as the Igbo alphabet (Igbo: Mkpụrụ Edemede Igbo), is the alphabet of the Igbo language, it is one of the three national languages of Nigeria. … The standard written form of Igbo is based on the Owerri and Umuahia dialects.

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How do you count to ten in Nigeria?

Tens are formed starting with the word cappanɗe, then the multiplier digit separated with a space, except for ten: sappo [10], cappanɗe ɗiɗi [20], cappanɗe tati [30], cappanɗe nayi [40], cappanɗe jowi [50], cappanɗe joweego [60], cappanɗe joweeɗiɗi [70], cappanɗe joweetati [80], and cappanɗe joweenayi [90].

How do you swear in Igbo?

Related Words

  1. (1) swear in :: na-aṅụ iyi na.
  2. (2) swear-word :: iyi-okwu.
  3. (3) swear by :: na-aṅụ iyi.
  4. (4) swear at :: na-aṅụ iyi na.
  5. (5) swear off :: iyi anya.
  6. (6) swear an oath :: iyi.
  7. Synonyms. Verb. promise :: nkwa. insist :: na-esi ọnwụ curse :: nkọcha. aver :: aver. …
  8. Different Forms. swear, swearer, swearers, swearing, swears.

How do Igbos call God?

The Igbo culture is a unique one, so are the Igbo names that refer to God. … For example, the Hausas call him Ubangiji, Yorubas call him Olodumare or Oluwa.

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