What is abere called in Igbo?

The seeds are highly valued for their medicinal properties. It is called Abere or Arin in Yoruba, Osu in Edo and Nkpokiri in Igbo. It is popularly used to treat diabetes in Nigeria because of its ability to lower blood sugar levels.

What does abere seed work for?

Abere seed (miracle seed) and coconut water have found medicinal uses in diabetes , hypertension , weak erection, quick ejaculation, premature ejaculation and in the treatment of low libido.

What is abere seed in English?

Hunteria Umbellata is the best cure for obesity. … This herb reduces blood pressure levels and completely treats high cholesterol. It also triggers the liver functions and strengthens it.

What is Bara and abere?

Baradari also Bara Dari (Urdu: بارہ دری ‎) is a building or pavilion with twelve doors designed to allow free flow of air. The root of this plant is used to treat uterine diseases. Find the travel option that best suits you. The most Abere families were found in Canada in 1911.

What is abere seed in Yoruba?

Abeere is the Yoruba name for Huntaria umbellata seed. The plant grows well in West Africa and it belongs to the family Apocy-naceae.

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What are the benefits of abere?

Preparations from different parts of the plant are used in traditional medicine for the treatment and management of malaria, abscesses, hepatitis, pneumonia, diabetes, hypertension, malaria, pneumonia and other chest-conditions.

What is the health benefit of Hunteria Umbellata?

Its numerous local medicinal uses include for fever, leprosy sores, stomach and liver problems and as an anthelmintic, especially against internal worms. Hunteria umbellata has been used as arrow poison.

What is OSU fruit called in Yoruba?

In southern Nigeria it is called “osu” (Edo), “nkpokiri” (Ibo), and “erin” (Yoruba). It flowers in November and from March to May. The fruit is about 5.25 cm in diameter, yellow to orange, glabrous and smooth containing twelve or more disc-shaped seeds embedded in a gelatinous pulp (Keay et al., 1964.

What is Aworoso?

penduliflorus (family: Euphorbiaceae) is an important medicinal plant in southern Nigeria where it is known as aworoso by the Yorubas. It is extensively used as a remedy for several stomach complaints including constipation (Adesogan, 1981).

What is Bara in Yoruba?

Nigeria call it BARA in yoruba …. … Bara is a very powerful and effective herb popularly taken among the Yorubas in Nigeria. Bara can be soaked or boiled, if boiled, it reduces its potency and makes it mild. When soaked, it is more effective in this state.

What is the common name for Hunteria Umbellata?

Hunteria umbellata (K. Schum.) Hallier f. (locally known as “Abeere”) (family: Apocynaceae) is tropical rainforest tree which is popularly used for the local management of diabetes mellitus and obesity (Adegoke and Alo, 1986; Falodun et al., 2006; Adeneye and Adeyemi, 2009a).

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